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business proposal creation

I Joined ClientPoint to Solve a Problem that Everyone Feels


I Joined ClientPoint to Solve a Problem that Everyone Feels

We thrive in authentic relationships. The sharing of ideas, purpose, and mission motivate us to accomplish more than we can dream of doing on our own....

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How to Make Your Business Proposal a Strong Sales Tool When You Don't Know How to Sell

When it comes to writing a business proposal, the subject of selling does not get the attention it deserves. Perhaps you...

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The Ultimate Business Proposal Writing Guide - How To Pitch, Propose and Persuade

Business Proposal-Definition A business proposal is a formal sales document. It is a written document that is sent to pr...

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proposal writing tips

How to write a business proposal compliance matrix in response to a RFP

Every business wants to have its proposal accepted after submitting their proposal in response to a Request for Proposal...

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How to Make Your Business Proposals Shockingly Amazing in 2016

The business environment has radically changed in the past couple of years. More and more companies are now using digita...

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Humanize your digital selling experience: ClientPoint Cloud


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ClientPoint Cloud keeps all of your proposal content, marketing materials, agreements, and other business assets all in one place, to safely store and...

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