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Become a ClientPoint Referral Partner And Earn 20% Commissions
Grow your business, win new clients and earn 20% Commissions on referred ClientPoint subscription fees. It’s free to join. ClientPoint customers can make great money, and SaaS Integrators LOVE adding ClientPoint to the mix (Find Out Why).
Make more money, build credibility, gain exposure.

Grow your business with additional revenue streams

Expand your customer base and reach new clients

Get listed as a trusted partner on ClientPoint.net

Add ClientPoint to your customer integration

As a SaaS integrator your clients will love you because adding ClientPoint just makes sense. They save money, their customer relationships work better, and you make more money. Plug ClientPoint in like a breeze with time-tested API’s made by developers, for developers, with no hacky workarounds.

Our endpoint plugins (sign, schedule, meet, chat, share, propose, DAM and more) make you look like a hero to clients on a budget. Best of all, your customer’s new client interface changes their game forever.

Add ClientPoint and your clients will love you for it, and they’ll refer you because of it.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it cost anything to become a Referral Partner?

No, it’s completely free to join our partner program

Does ClientPoint engage in sponsorships or co-marketing initiatives with its partners?

Yes! Connect with our channel team and let’s create together.

What training is offered for new Referral Partners?

Referral Partner Program can expect comprehensive training encompassing product knowledge, communication strategies, and target audience identification. Training materials are available in various formats, including live webinars, supported by a dedicated channel account manager assigned to assist partners throughout their journey, ensuring ongoing support and success.

Can I refer to myself as a ClientPoint Partner on my own website?

Yes, as a ClientPoint Partner, you're welcome to showcase your affiliation on your website. We’re over-the-moon when Partners proudly display their association with ClientPoint, amplifying their credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential clients, and ultimately contributing to their business's success.

Who uses ClientPoint?

Companies of all sizes on six continents and in a dozen languages. Small businesses around the corner, to major business brands around the world like Live Nation, McMillan Publishing, Securitas, Principal, Goldman Sachs and Life Fitness, to name just a few.

Who are ClientPoint’s competitors?

We both integrate with, and offer lesser expensive alternatives to, end point solutions such as, chat, share (docs, images, videos, links etc.), schedule, meet, propose, sign, etc. But overall, we’re in a category of our own with no direct competitors called “Business Relationship Enablement,” and we are becoming the platform where the B2B world meets and gets business done together in this increasingly deskless and remote world.

Does ClientPoint integrate with CRM and other SaaS?

We integrate deeply with so many SaaS tools, including all major CRM’s. Think of ClientPoint as the “R” (the Relationship) in CRM.

What about Privacy and Security?

ClientPoint is GDPR compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

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