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ClientPoint Pricing

(Careful when you compare, because there’s nothing like us anywhere)

Digitally super-empower your business relationships with a game changing digital sales and support room.

Our enterprise business relationship workspace platform makes it easy to create a superior client experience throughout each stage of the customer lifecycle. And we connect to all your favorite SaaS tools, and your other systems, processes and stakeholders.

From Marketing (prospect engagement & content curation), to Sales (proposal management and e-signature), to Client Care (customer onboarding & relationship management), to Expansion (upgrades & renewal), ClientPoint helps you build stronger, more valuable business relationships.

Enterprise Integration? We’re experts at it on six continents in a dozen languages.

Our premium services team helps you custom connect your CRM and other customer-facing SaaS applications, data, content, processes and back-end systems into a cloud-based relationship workspace platform that delights everyone on both sides of your most important relationships.


Seat-Based Pricing

Bulk pricing and tiered pricing available based on your company's needs.

Author User

For admin users to edit, update, and maintain the content repository & back-end settings. In addition to all the capabilities of a standard user.

$95 per user monthly
($1,140 annually)

Standard User

For typical users, who schedule and meet within their virtual office, access content to build documents & proposals, and send/manage/track the ClientPoint experiences they create and share with prospects, clients and partners.

$65 per user monthly
($780 annually)

Associate User

For all others, to give them backend access to the ClientPoint experiences created by Authors & Standard Users, add calendars & virtual meetings, access the management center, and monitor tracking & analytics dashboards.

$35 per user monthly
($420 annually)

Multi Year Discounts Available:
10% Off Total with a 2 Year Commitment (Annual Prepay)
20% Off Total with a 3 Year Commitment (Annual Prepay)

Free Online Support

Once you've joined ClientPoint, you will gain access to our free online support to make getting started a breeze.

Quick Start User Guide

Our Quick Start Guide has everything that you need to get up and running in a flash.

With this guide you can worry less about setup and get the most out of ClientPoint.

ClientPoint HelpDesk

If you have any questions at all, you can get them answered at our Help Desk where quick response time and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.

Video Tutorials

In addition to our Quick Start User Guide, we have created an easy-to-follow video tutorial to make it easier than ever to create your first ClientPoint.

Additional Support

We can meet any custom needs you have with additional support that goes above and beyond what you will find elsewhere. Many of our clients require custom or special features that are tailored specifically to their company needs and technology requirements.

Set Up Service Support

Set up your ClientPoint virtual office with video conferencing, your personal calendar, colors and create a theme style and create a theme that is specific to your brand. We will help you add users, upload content to your content library, assist with template buildouts, and turn on basic CRM functionality. These sessions are typically 30 minutes for a kickoff call, 1 hour for a sales training and 1 hour for administrative training.

$125 per hour

Tier 1 Service Support

Includes build out of advanced pricing tools, merge documents, SaaS integration scoping, and many other processes that are supported by the ClientPoint platform.

$150 per hour

Tier 2 Service Support

SaaS integrations or requirements that are completely new to the ClientPoint platform. New integrations that need to be scoped out and developed are considered Tier 2 Services.

$200 per hour