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We Make it Easy for People to do Business with You

We help you easily manage business relationship workspaces for each of your prospects, customers and partners, where you schedule, meet, chat, share materials, sign and much more, all in one place. Use ClientPoint to nurture leads more effectively, propose & close deals faster, and onboard & serve clients better.

The Problem we solve

B2C Looks Like This
Really clean, everything in one place



B2B Looks Like This
Total chaos, an average of 15 SaaS logins and a dozen content types, anchored by email



The B2B customer journey is a mess. Solving this problem is our "Why.”

Close more deals faster.

ClientPoint’s intuitive selling and closing platform powerfully drives higher close rates and shorter sales cycles.
Game changers…
Important decks and documents at your fingertips means lightning-fast proposal preparation.
Quickly customized online sales experiences transform how your prospects work with you.
Rich analytics and real-time alerts help you laser-focus your interactions with prospects.

ClientPoint users have experienced…

30% higher close rates
up to 100% Increase in sales
Up to 95% time savings in generating proposals, while reducing or eliminating costly errors
Trusted by enterprise names
Integrates seamlessly with enterprise software
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service titan

ClientPoint is the ultimate business relationship & support experience

ClientPoint sales experiences are interactive, attractive, easy-to-use, and endlessly customizable
  • ClientPoint experiences help you land more meetings, facilitate better virtual presentations, follow up more powerfully, and close more deals.
  • Give prospects quick interactive access to everything they need, including you with live on-demand sales meetings.
  • Add marketing videos, client testimonials, personalized video messages and other multimedia from a preset library, connected drive or mobile device.
  • Use prebuilt experiences to give every rep the ability to wow their prospects.
Our sales team is happier and more motivated now because they have 65% more time to spend selling and interacting with prospects and clients.
Marsden Building Maintenance

ClientPoint is Sales Accelerated

No matter your role, ClientPoint will make your life better.

From Marketing (prospect engagement & content curation), to Sales (proposal management and e-signature), to Client Care (customer onboarding & relationship management), to Expansion (upgrades & renewal), ClientPoint helps you build stronger, more valuable business relationships.


Marketing Leaders & Professionals
  • ClientPoint is the one click destination for all your email marketing and all other demand generation sources. Create powerful experiences by combining your best content and engagement tools all in one place. 
  • You have constant visibility into how sales prospects consume your marketing content, which helps you discover and double down on the content that’s working, and eliminate what’s not.
  • You make your sales team look like rockstar geniuses, by giving them amazing prebuilt templates and online content experiences for their prospects (that they actually use!)

Sales Executives & Leaders
  • You feel the power of having your team equipped with the most impressive proposal experiences in your industry.
  • You have amazing new analytics that show you the “mind” of your prospects, which gives you more confidence in your sales forecast.
  • Your sales people are spending a lot more time selling. That helps you hit your number, faster.
Sales Operations Leaders
  • You’re a hero because ClientPoint “just works” with your CRM, your internal databases, and your sales and marketing processes.
  • You love how ClientPoint perfectly complements your Sales Enablement solution.
  • You’re blown away that, of all the tools & systems you’ve implemented, it’s ClientPoint that drives the most impressive C-suite metrics (Shorter sales cycles, greater sales force efficiency and higher close rates).
Sales Representatives
  • You build proposals with a few clicks of your mouse. What took hours or days now takes minutes or even seconds! Less annoying admin work means more time making money.
  • You’ve stopped sending proposals into black holes. By constantly knowing what your prospects are reading, viewing and sharing, you finally know who you’re dealing with and what they’re thinking.
  • Your win rate goes up, and you close more deals easier and faster. Boom!
Customer Support Leaders
  • Activate and onboard new clients in the same digital sales & support room where the deal was closed by your sales team. Integrate with your CRM, invoicing tools and other customer databases and systems for a true enterprise implementation.
  • Deliver a personalized one-click destination to onboard and serve every customer. Schedule and hold virtual meetings and deliver custom training materials in that same online location. It’s so simple and it makes everything easier. Plus, you’ll create a “wow” first impression that lasts.
  • By giving each of your most important relationships its own dedicated online home, you’re showing every customer how important they are to you. That paves the way to lasting trust throughout the entire customer journey.

Data is power. Become Unstoppable.

At the click of a button, know when prospects looked at your content, for how long, and who they shared it with.


  • Stay in the know by getting real-time notifications on prospect behavior.
  • Customize sales and proposal experiences in real time based on who’s looking at it and what they are interested in.
  • Track deals by rep or sales stage, close date, and more...(Great for coaching, strategizing, and forecasting).
“To see at a glance our activity levels by location and exactly how we are doing is extremely valuable and insightful. I also like how we can see all the way down to how much time each of our clients are spending looking at our proposals, down to the page by page level. We can monitor the activity of each of our salespeople to see how each person is performing and if there are any problems we need to address.”
Bill Barthelemy, COO, Securitas North America

Enterprise Power for businesses of all sizes

Case Study: Securitas

“We went from 3 hours per proposal to only 30 minutes, increasing our sales productivity by 600% using Clientpoint.”

Bill Barthelemy, Securitas USA
Case Study: Vortex Aquatic Structures
Vortex Aquatic Structures

"Decrease in time spent creating proposals, from 8 hours to just 10 minutes!”

Martina Madlener, Vortex Aquatic Structures International
Case Study: Mauzy Heating and Air
Mauzy Heating and Air

"100% Increase in Sales from $5.7 million to $11.4 million using Clientpoint."

Matt Mauzy, Mauzy Heating & Air Conditioning.

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