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Cognitive Biases in Sales - Part 3: Stress

sales strategies

Cognitive Biases in Sales - Part 3: Stress

This is part three of the Cognitive Biases in Sales series talking about the top cognitive biases that salespeople are running into on a daily basis. ...

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CP_YT_Thumbnails_ClientPoint is as easy as 123_v1


Proposals as easy as 1,2,3

This is for those of you who love to sell but hate creating proposals. We're going to show you that with ClientPoint, cr...

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CP_Thumbnails_Networking V4

Sales Optimization

Stop Wasting Your Time At Networking Events (Do This Instead)

Have you ever gone to a networking event like a trade show, conference, or happy hour and made a bunch of new connection...

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CP_Thumbnails_fogetting curve_version A

Sales Optimization

The Forgetting Curve

There's something called the forgetting curve that neuroscientists have discovered. If you’re a sales or marketing leade...

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Why ClientPoint Is Your Proposal Solution

In this short animation, we walk you through why ClientPoint's proposal solution can help sales reps close 30% more deal...

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Sales Optimization

Is Your Sales Team Being Weird?

In this short video, Brian Koehn explains exactly how your sales team might be following up via text message the wrong w...

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CP_Thumbnails_Blind dating and Sales-2


Blind Dating & Sales?!

What do "blind dating" and "sales" have in common?  For the modern buyer in today's digital age, the answer is a lot!   ...

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3 Rules for Sending Tech Proposals

3 Rules for Sending Tech Proposals Losing deals is painful. You may have the best tech solution out there, but it still ...

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Case Studies

Phoenix Protective Corporation Case Study of Success with ClientPoint

Paperless Proposal Security Case Study Phoenix Protective Corporation Paperless Proposal HVAC Case Study Phoenix Protect...

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How to become highly successful by getting over your fear of selling to business leaders

To be highly successful in sales and in business, you need to be able to approach and confidently sell to very powerful ...

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Cognitive Biases in Sales - Part 2: Substitution

sales strategies

Featured Blog

Today we're continuing the talk about cognitive biases that salespeople are running into on a daily basis. This is part two of the Cognitive Biases in...

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