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Marsden Building Maintenance Case Study of Success with Paperless CRM

October 10, 2017

Paperless CRM

Case Study

Marsden Building Maintenance

"650% Increase in sales productivity by reducing our time spent creating proposals from 6-8 hours to only 1-2 hours using ClientPoint!"


Headquartered in Saint Paul, MN, Marsden Services is a facility services provider of commercial janitorial, building maintenance and specialty property services with operations serving customers throughout the United States. Marsden Services is a building services contractor known for its operational excellence and its ability to provide great services to small businesses and large multi-state or multi-regional companies alike. Marsden enjoys an unmatched reputation for maintaining property value and for helping business owners and property managers meet their objectives for their facilities. An industry-leading company of integrity, service dedication and innovation since it was founded in 1952, Marsden has succeeded by dedicating itself to providing customers with an ever-expanding array of cost-effective, superior-quality commercial property services. For more information, visit or call 1-888-566-1717.


To track and manage client interactions, Marsden Services was using Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM. The issue was that Marsden sales reps did not like Microsoft Dynamics, and that caused multiple problems including:

  • Inefficiency due to sales reps finding Microsoft Dynamics difficult to use and navigate.
  • Sales leads and client interactions were not being fully recorded due to sales reps not wanting to use Microsoft Dynamics, and therefore, Marsden was not recording valuable client data.
  • Microsoft Dynamics did not interact and share data with other software being used by Marsden, which led to sales reps having to enter the same data multiple times, which was redundant work and a very inefficient use of their time.



Marsden Services had been successfully using ClientPoint’s cloud-based software for several years to create, track, and manage their business proposals and price quotes. When ClientPoint launched their new cloud-based CRM software, Paperless CRM, Marsden Services decided to try it because it provided a perfect synergy for combining their business proposal and price quote creation and tracking with customer relationship management.

"Our sales team is happier and more motivated now because they have 65% more time to spend selling and interacting with prospects and clients."


  • Marsden’s sales team loves Paperless CRM because it is so easy to use. Now, instead of avoiding using our CRM, their sales reps enthusiastically use it to record all of their client interactions. Because of this, they now have the detailed client data they need for creating reports, improving their sales process, and improving their client relationships.
  • Because Paperless CRM is so simple to use, their sales reps have greatly increased their efficiency and they are now able to spend more time prospecting and interacting with clients and less time entering client data into the CRM system.
  • They now have seamless integration of their business proposals and price quotes with their CRM because ClientPoint and Paperless CRM connect to each other and share data. This integration eliminated their sales reps having to enter the same client data into multiple systems, which in the past was a huge time waster. Now they only have to enter their data into one system.
  • Creating reports in Paperless CRM is fast and easy. This has saved Marsden managers a substantial amount of time. Reports that used to take managers several hours or even days to create can now be created in about 15 minutes.


“I have used a lot of different CRM’s, and what I like most about Paperless CRM is it is the easiest to use and most efficient CRM software I have ever worked with. It does exactly what we want it to do. Because it is so easy to use, our sales reps love it and enjoy using it. I also really like the search functionality because it’s so smart, and we can quickly find anything we want without having to do a lot of digging. With other CRM’s I would have to click through 4-5 sections to find something, but with Paperless CRM, I can just type a few letters into the search bar and I am able to immediately find exactly what I want. Another great feature is how easy it is to create reports in Paperless CRM. Reports that used to take us several hours and sometimes even days to create, we can now create in about 15 minutes with Paperless CRM. I highly recommend it to any business, large or small, that wants a powerful yet simple to use CRM with great report creation tools, and that is also very affordable.”

ABOUT ClientPoint

Located in San Diego, CA, ClientPoint, Inc., is the developer of “ClientPoint”, and “Paperless CRM”. ClientPoint is a robust cloud-based business proposal creation, tracking, and management solution, while Paperless CRM, an easy to use yet very powerful cloud-based CRM. ClientPoint and Paperless CRM integrate seamlessly to create the ultimate platform for creating, tracking and managing business proposals and managing customer relationships. For more information, visit or call 1-888-972-7375.