Case Studies

Marsden Building Maintenance Case Study of Success with ClientPoint

April 13, 2016


Case Study

Marsden Building Maintenance

"650% Increase in sales productivity by reducing our time spent creating proposals from 6-8 hours to only 1-2 hours using ClientPoint!"


To create proposals, Marsden Bldg Maintenance had a library of proposal sections stored on a local server that sales people could access to pull in the sections they needed to create a proposal. Sales people could then either print the proposal or send it electronically to the prospective client. Unfortunately, this was a very time intensive process and Marsden Bldg Maintenance wanted to find a better solution that would allow their sales people to create proposals much more efficiently.

The problems and frustrations caused by using this manual system are as follows:

  • Creating a proposal was a very slow and tedious process, taking 6-8 hours or more to create a single proposal. This was because every proposal had to be highly customized for the project Marsden Bldg Maintenance was bidding on.
  • Both management and the sales team felt the process for creating proposals was too time intensive. The sales team needed to spend the majority of their time selling and generating income, not sitting in front of a computer.
  • Their system was complex, which made it difficult for new sales people to create proposals. They had to invest a significant amount of time training new sales people how to use the system to create proposals.


The management team at Marsden Bldg Maintenance wanted to find a proposal development and management system that would streamline their proposal creation process to help them save time as well as make it easy for them to track and manage all of their proposals. In their search for a solution they found ClientPoint. After participating in live demos of ClientPoint's cloud based proposal creation, tracking, and management system, they chose ClientPoint to be their new proposal creation and management system.

"Our sales team is happier and more motivated now because they have 65% more time to spend selling and interacting with prospects and clients."


  • By switching to ClientPoint, the sales people at Marsden Bldg Maintenance are able to create proposals 65% faster than they could with their previous system. With their previous system it took 6-8 hours or longer to create a single proposal. With ClientPoint it now only takes 1-2 hours.
  • Sales people now have 65% more time to spend selling, which has led to increased productivity and sales.
  • The improved quality of the proposals the sales team creates using ClientPoint has assisted in the process of winning new clients.
  • The sales team is happier and more motivated now because they have 65% more time to spend selling and interacting with prospects and clients.


  • ClientPoint works really well for us and it empowers our sales people to sell more.
  • We love how much faster we can create proposals using ClientPoint. Cutting down the time it takes to create a proposal by 65% was huge for us. It makes our sales people more productive so they can spend the majority of their time selling and bringing in new business.
  • We really like the centralized document library on the ClientPoint system. It makes it fast and easy to access all of the various documents we may need to put into a proposal.
  • We like how flexible ClientPoint is for creating different types of proposals for different client types and different markets Depending on the project type, our proposals may be anywhere from 5 - 90 pages long.
  • The system is easy to use which cuts down on the time it takes us to train new salespeople to create proposals.
  • Our proposals look more professional now which helps to separate us from our competitors and build our brand.
  • Any business that needs to use proposals to generate sales should use ClientPoint, especially if they have multiple sales people. The ClientPoint system allows sales people to be much more efficient with their time when making proposals so they can focus their time on selling instead of creating proposals.