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Phoenix Protective Corporation Case Study of Success with ClientPoint

May 31, 2018

Paperless Proposal

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Phoenix Protective Corporation

Paperless Proposal
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Phoenix Protective Corporation

"We went from 3 hours per proposal to only 30 minutes, increasing our sales productivity by 600% using ClientPoint."


To create a business proposal, PPC would manually prepare the different sections of their business proposal using various Word Docs and PDF files. They would then email the finished business proposal to their prospective client. The problems and frustrations caused by this manual system are as follows:

  • The process for creating a business proposal was very slow and cumbersome.
  • Prospective clients often needed to receive a proposal within a very short time frame, and due to PPC managers travel schedules and it taking so long to manually create a proposal, managers sometimes missed getting proposals to their prospects in the required time-frame, which caused them to lose sales.
  • As PPC has expanded into multiple states including Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, and Utah, they found that trying to rely on a manual system for creating business proposals led to their proposals being inconsistent. This was due to each region having different proposal requirements and different documentation needs, as well as different managers creating their business proposals, and each manager doing it slightly different.

The corporate management team at PPC decided that their current manual system for creating business proposals was too time consuming, inconsistent, and prone to errors. They wanted a modern proposal automation system that was cloud-based and allowed them to quickly and easily create, edit, deliver, track, and manage all of their business proposals in one secure place. For proposal consistency and professionalism, they wanted a proposal automation system that provided them with high quality, professional templates that were very attractive and that they could easily customize to match the requirements of each of their different offices while keeping a professional and consistent corporate brand image. And finally, they wanted a proposal automation system that allowed them to create and deliver proposals very quickly—in under 30 minutes—so they would not miss out on sales opportunities due to proposal creation time constraints. After reviewing multiple software vendors, PPC chose ClientPoint to be their business proposal automation solution because it provided them with all the tools and flexibility they needed, it was easy and convenient to use, and it provided them with additional tools that would give them a competitive advantage in their highly competitive marketplace.


ClientPoint worked with PPC to build flexible proposal templates that matched the exact needs of their many different offices. ClientPoint then trained their teams how to use the ClientPoint platform to create, edit, deliver, track, and manage all of their proposals.


  • Using ClientPoint has helped PPC streamline their proposal creation and management workflow, and has helped them significantly reduce the time it takes to create a proposal.
  • They are able to create a professional proposal that is roughly 24-pages long in about 10-minutes when in the past with their manual system it took them a couple of hours to create a proposal.
  • They are able to easily share and jointly work on a proposal among different managers for collaboration.
  • They are able to easily add videos to their proposals as well as integrate their website content into their proposals. This has allowed them to send their prospects full multi-media proposals, which is very impressive and helps them win a higher percentage of sales.
  • Because they can add personalized videos to a proposal, it helps them better connect with their prospects and clients, creating a more friendly and personalized proposal. This helps them win a higher percentage of sales and gives them a strong competitive advantage.
  • They can electronically send a proposal to a client, get that client’s electronic signature, and immediately begin work on their client’s project. This has greatly reduced the amount of time it takes for them to close deals and onboard new clients, and has given them a competitive advantage.
  • With ClientPoint’s tracking metrics, PPC now knows exactly when and how many times a prospect has opened their proposal, the exact pages they looked at, how much time they spend looking at each page, and if they shared the proposal with other people at their organization. These in-depth metrics into how their prospects are interacting with their proposals has given PPC a lot of valuable insight into what is most important to their prospects and has helped them create more persuasive proposals and win a higher percentage of new business.
  • By using ClientPoint’s online proposal management center, PPC can now monitor the metrics for every proposal sent by every manager throughout their company. This helps them see the win/loss rate of each manager so they can help managers that are struggling and need help improving their proposals and closing deals.
  • Overall, by using ClientPoint, PPC has been able to close a higher percentage of sales and therefore, has seen a significant increase in overall sales and company growth.

Why Bob Duke of Phoenix Protective Corporation, Recommends ClientPoint to Businesses...

“I recommend ClientPoint to other businesses because of its convenience, its ease of access, its ability for easy document and proposal sharing and collaboration, and because of the speed in which you can create a proposal, send it to the client, get the client’s approval and signature, and begin working on their needs.”