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How to Quickly Build Trust to Make More Sales as a Salesperson

October 23, 2017

While there are numerous ways to increase your sales, building customer trust is the best way to start. By taking time to foster a sense of trust between you and your customers, you will not only bolster their confidence in your capabilities, but you will also help reduce the initial uneasiness which comes with entering into a new business relationship. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 techniques a salesperson can use to quickly build trust and make more sales.

1. Build Rapport

One of the quickest and most effective methods for building trust is building rapport. Rapport basically enables a smoother communication because it actually allows the customer to feel at ease. At times, rapport can happen naturally, while at other times, you'll have to be deliberate in building it with the customer. To build rapport, you need to keep the conversation casual. Try to move your focus away from a sales pitch and toward building trust; you do not want your customer to feel like you're pushing him/her to buy. Once the trust is in place, the sales will come naturally.

2. Look for Common Ground

Looking for common ground will be of great help since customers want to feel like the transactions they are making are more like partnerships. Try and find something that you share in common with the customer. You can even share experiences and interests. Sharing experiences or interests actually bonds a customer and a salesperson, which in turn builds a connection and consequently builds trust.

3. Be Genuine

Your customers can tell when you are being insincere. They'll stop trusting you if you seem fake because it'll be obvious that you're only manipulating them so as to make a sale. To be genuine, your approach should be authentic and natural. Do not try to be somebody else. So, instead of sounding or acting like a salesperson, you simply need to act as you would when talking to a colleague.

4. Establish Your Credentials

It is important to establish your credentials as a leading expert in your field. Nowadays, customers prefer dealing with people whom they consider to be experts in their particular field. It is not enough to simply know your products or services inside and out, you also need to know what's currently happening in your particular industry. When customers know that they're dealing with an expert, they will build trust in you, and consequently will want to buy from you.

5. Listen Carefully and Respond with Action

A successful salesperson will listen keenly, take notes and will avoid the temptation to argue, interrupt or criticize. It is one thing to offer your customers the opportunity to give you their feedback, it is entirely another thing to show them that you have listened. To encourage conversation, you can use open ended questions to better understand the meaning behind your customers' statements. You can also, on occasion, repeat their key words or phrases; by restating their key phrases, you will not only clarify the communication, but you will also help build rapport and gain their trust.


Each time you talk to a potential customer, you've the opportunity to build the kind of trust which can lead to a successful transaction and a long standing relationship. When a customer has trust in you, you can actually charge higher prices than your competitors, sell them various different products and services than they were actually looking for, and even provide longer delivery time; and they'll still buy from you. When the customers have a high level of trust in you, that kind of trust is truly powerful.


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