How to Motivate Your Sales Team to Increase Sales Fast

April 11, 2018

The clock is ticking, the final game plans are being drawn up and it all comes down to the coach’s strategy. Motivating a sales team is a great deal like coaching a sports team, especially when you need to produce more sales in a short amount of time. You set goals, you review the stats and you coach your team to be more productive. When it all clicks, you score, and win big. What are the most effective strategies you can implement to motivate your sales team to be more productive and generate more sales in a short amount of time?


Before you step out on the playing field, you need to know where you are going. Work with your sales team to set goals that are aggressive, and yet still attainable. Think big and create a plan that motivates your employees to achieve greater results. When you need to take sales to the next level, let your sales staff know what they are reaching for and that you all are in it together.


Once you have your goals in place, take some time to see how you can get there. Evaluate current sales performance and strategies and compare them to your end goals, so that you can focus on areas that need improvement. Ask your sales team to consider where they could make greater gains. Look at years past and see where there were valleys and hills in your sales and what factors might have influenced these. Looking at the big picture allows you to adjust tactics and come out ready for action.


As the head coach, your job is to keep your team fully focused and engaged. Good communication is key here. Directly let them know what their role is and ask them if there are any obstacles in their way. Ask them what they think are the best methods to achieve goals and then really listen to their answers. You might discover some great new ideas. Most importantly, be positive and encouraging. When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to perform their best. 


While it’s important to consider the individual personalities and selling styles, it’s imperative to work together as a team. Break down any barriers between team members or departments and the let them know that you must work together. Create a comfortable environment where your team can communicate with each other and share strategies. Create a team-oriented mindset by rewarding the entire team when one person hits his or her goals. This recognition motivates the staff to work harder individually, and as a team.


Sometimes it’s the most creative game plan that gets the win. Of course cash incentives are great, but big sales pushes call for out-of-the-box thinking. Some creative, low-cost incentives may be just the thing your team needs to get their engines running on full throttle. Get your team excited by planning a fun outing for all of them like a party or a bowling night if they hit their goal. Or, try rewarding the top sales person with an employee of the month reward, best parking space, or extra time off. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and do something fun to motivate. Small, but creative incentives can have a big impact on making your sales push victorious.

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