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how to be a great boss

How to be a Great Boss - The Top 5 Traits of a Great Boss

April 3, 2018

Let's face it; a really bad boss can make your life miserable. On the other hand, a great boss can make you a better person who loves your job.

As an employee, you want to be motivated, understood and appreciated. You want a boss that will be fair, mentor you, then delegate the work and let you do your job. So, what makes a boss that kind of person? The kind of person that you want to keep working for, and even go the extra mile? These five traits are the key qualities to an exceptional boss.


A good boss recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of his or her employees and knows how to motivate them in order to get the best performance from each one. Great bosses are positive and supportive. They are not hesitant to reward employees with words of encouragement that makes the employees feel valued. These bosses look at the big picture, see where each employee best fits and then inspires the team to get things done. In this fast-paced, competitive world, it’s exceptional when a boss takes the time to get things moving in the right direction and then recognizes when the job is done right.


Never underestimate the power of good communication. An effective boss is a pro when it comes to communicating what your role in the company is, and what your exact job responsibilities are. He or she will provide clear explanations, letting you know what you can do to improve your job skills, contribute to the team and possibly advance in the ranks. Because communication is a two-way street, a good boss will also really listen to an employee. Strong listening skills are vital to learning what employees’ goals are within the company, as well as what they need to best perform their job.


The best bosses realize how to connect with their employees. They show empathy and understanding. They are easy to relate to, personable and have a sense of humor. Connecting with employees also means being honest with them in every situation. A good boss will understand the business, the products, the technology, but a great boss will understand their employees. They are trustworthy and are always ready to take one for the team. When the boss connects on this level, the employee feels that he or she is truly valued.


Quality bosses know how to make smart decisions. Some bosses are born trouble-shooters and some have acquired the skill through years of trial and error. They have learned how to face everyday challenges and make intelligent decisions on how to move forward. They are proactive when it comes to the direction the company should take. Then, they stick to the plan with appropriate resources and follow through. When things don’t go well, they are pros at solving problems and efficiently fixing any issues.


Some people may not think of passion as a quality that defines a boss. But when bosses truly love what they do and believe in the company, then it encourages their employees to feel the same. A passionate boss encourages growth, and empowers employees to be productive. He or she provides insight in the workplace. The employees become engaged in the team goals and they become passionate as well. Everyone wants to work for a boss that gives his or her best at all times.


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