Great Expectations: The Eye of the Beholder

March 14, 2012

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In business, is your product or service and your beholder is always the client.

6 simple steps in working with a client's expectations are laid by Randa Clay, graphic designer and marketing consultant, in her blog post, "Want to be Successful? Learn to Manage Expectations."

Expectations are perception: and the person who does the perceiving is the client. Even if the end product is the same, set up and presentation play a part in the value we perceive.

There was a small town in which there were two candy stores: Smith Candy and Jones Candy. A mother asked her son which he would like to visit for a treat. Her son replied immediately that he wanted to go to Mr. Jones’ Candy Store. Why? He believed he got more candy for his money from Mr. Jones. The truth was that Mr. Smith’s and Mr. Jones’ prices were exactly the same, but Mr. Smith’s practice was to put a large pile of candy on the scale and then remove it piece by piece until he reached the correct weight, while Mr. Jones put a few pieces on the scale and kept adding and adding until the correct weight was reached. The little boy’s perception was that he was getting more, even though the end result was the same.

The client is the one with the expectations in the first place. Remember not to never get so caught up in customer service, that you forget the customer.

More steps to come.

Photo: Flicker/Rogiro

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