How to Pull Yourself Out of a Sales Slump as a Sales Professional

August 18, 2017

Let's face it, as sales professionals we all dislike sales slumps. Are you in one now? Unfortunately, in some cases, a sales slump can lead to other more serious psychological problems.

How do you feel during a sales slump? A bit flat, unmotivated, or fearful? If it continues over time, it can lead to low self-worth or even depression. You can become so emotionally charged that you are immobilized, so instead of having your energy focused on creating positive sales outcomes, it's redirected to your inner self. You become self-absorbed, and your ego takes over with self-talk to justify your sales slump, such as "It's not my fault the economy is slow... the industry is in a down cycle... I can't match competitors pricing".

So, if you are in a sales slump, what happened to create this current situation? We're not here to judge but to help you work through what can become a sales career killer. Up to 80% of new salespeople and 40% of veteran salespeople can be affected by periodic sales slumps, so know that you are not alone. A sales slump can sometimes be caused by a sales strategy or skills issue that needs to be addressed, but often times it's what is going on in our unconscious mind that is the real problem.

A sales slump tends to build up over time but you only experience the hard reality of it when it becomes serious. So how do you turn a sales slump around? Here are 5 effective ways to get out of your sales slump.

1. Stop the downward emotional spiral

This is created by negative self-talk such as blaming yourself or others. Continuing in this manner will lead to negative feelings becoming increasingly charged. To stop the spiral, focus on what you really need to do (being positive and making sales) and not on what you are trying to avoid (being negative and worrying about not making sales).

Start by writing down a list of sales and personal goals, actions, and timelines. When you have done this, stop for a moment and feel how great it will fill to achieve your goals. Do this regularly because it will help to re-energize and realign your thoughts so you are positive and moving toward achieving your goals.

2. Review your goals

Your goals should always be clear, specific, written down, and measurable overtime. They should be attainable. Be sure you include specific action steps so that your goals can be reached and they are not pie in the sky dreams. Goals give you energy and focus. They make repetitive tasks have more meaning and value.

3. Get support

Ask a sales coach or someone you respect to support and guide you to where you want to be. Associate with positive upbeat people both in your personal as well as business life. If you are fortunate to have a sales coach, they will be able to identify and help you with any knowledge and skill gaps you may have.

4. Watch, listen to, and read motivational materials

Watching, listening, and reading motivational materials can be a great way to pull yourself out of a sales slump. In particular, watch, read, and listen to sales motivational materials by sales training guru Grant Cardone ( You can find many outstanding free sales training and motivational videos by Grant Cardone on and on his website.

5. Dramatically increase your sales activity level

This will help you to focus on creating positive outcomes and build on small success victories. Accept obstacles as they happen because obstacles are a part of life and everyone has them--not just you. You will successfully handle them one at a time and in an objective manner. Don't use negative self-talk such as, "This always happens to me" or "I really get upset when they say that." It will add emotional baggage that you don't want.

In the short term, you may feel uncomfortable as you work on reprogramming your thoughts from negative to positive. Pay attention to how much better you feel when you focus on what you intend to achieve. In the past, you may have taken for granted what your ego told you was right and acted accordingly, but those same thoughts and feelings are what landed you in your sales slump. Pay careful attention to your feelings and thoughts, and immediately change any self-defeating false beliefs.

Working your way out of a sales slump starts by making up your mind that you are not staying there and then taking affirmative action that leads to a positive change in how you feel, think, and take action. Your ego will try and keep you where you were but with persistence the old program will become a distant memory and you will be making more sales than you ever thought possible!


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