How to generate business to business leads from YouTube

September 5, 2017

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool for business-to-business marketing efforts. Being the second largest search engine, up to 72 percent of B2B marketers host their video content with YouTube for successful marketing campaigns. Since most of the buying processes these days begin online, video accounting for an increasingly large portion, it is time every B2B marketer considers this option to increase their sales. Marketers have learned that it is easier to tell a story with video than text and that most people prefer to watch a video than reading some text. Instead of having a faceless company, video can give an interesting personality resulting in increased interest in the company.

Types of YouTube videos you can make for your business include:


1. Building brand recognition

Staying relevant in a competitive market requires effort and creativity. Creating YouTube videos aimed at enhancing or cementing your brand image can make your business stand out among the competition. Using B2B video content to target other businesses has been shown to bring about an increase in sales.

2. Demonstrating your products

Hosting video content that shows your product features is a low-cost way of giving comprehensive information to your target customers. Video provides the opportunity to demonstrate how products work to help your potential customers understand what you offer.

3. Showcasing professional services

YouTube videos provide professionals a better chance to showcase their services so that potential customers can gain interest. It is an effective marketing tool that should be on the list of every marketing campaign.

4. Leverage your expertise

With video, anyone can market their expertise to a wider target audience. You can host how-to guides and demonstrate to customers the specific expertise your company can effectively provide.

Creating the video content

It’s crucial that you create quality and concise videos for your campaign to set off on the right footing. These can be in stages, guiding the customer through the levels of the buying process. You can schedule to create and post more videos regularly.

Create content that others would want to share to improve on your lead-generation. Remember to include a call-to-action, for example, an invitation to visit your site. You should aim at moving the viewers from your video channel as soon as they are through watching the video or else you will lose them to other sales videos.

How do people find your video?


1. Brand your youtube business channel

The first thing to do after creating your YouTube account is to make a cozy home for your brand. Brand it from top to bottom as accurately as possible and make the videos look more professional and authoritative.

2. Be effective in using keywords

Fully optimize your videos to make them easy to find from the search engines. Describe your videos correctly; give the video an appropriate heading and tags and use competitive short tail and long tail keywords.

3. Include clickable CTAs

Properly placed and configured call-to-action buttons will increase conversion and result in effective video marketing. Placing the CTA button at the end of the video is most effective.

4. Direct traffic to an excellent landing page

You don’t want to spend all this effort, then send leads to a page that will impress no one. 

5. Organize the videos into a playlist

Linking videos in the same group help the audience to find the next video so you don’t lose leads.

6. Work with influencers

Well-known influencers in your niche can help drive traffic to your videos fast. Chose them wisely and work closely with them to benefit from the online word-of-mouth advertising.

7. Share your video everywhere

There are dozens of social media networks where you can share your video link for increased exposure that can lead to sales. You can also embed the videos in a blog post and email.

Once everything has been done, you are left with tracking, analyzing, and improving your marketing strategy for better ROI. Use YouTube Insight and Google Analytics to better understand your audience and make adjustments accordingly.

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