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4 Powerful Motivation Tips to Help B2B Sales Reps Make More Sales

August 14, 2017

As B2B salespeople, some of us tend to spend our valuable time on unproductive work instead of dealing with those activities that would help us bring in more sales and revenue. In the competitive B2B environment, the stakes are higher than anywhere else. Add to that the fact that the customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and we end up with many B2B salespeople who choose to spend their time doing administrative tasks and nonproductive “busy work” over more difficult actions that involve interacting with prospects and clients and actual selling.

The good news is that you can overcome this negative mindset that is preventing you from being a top sales professional and that is causing you to waste your valuable time doing busy work. You can now change your mentality and become that professional salesperson who always exceeds your quota and drives record setting sales and revenue for your company.

Here are 4 surefire techniques to keep yourself motivated so you focus your time on selling and generating new sales instead of on nonproductive busy work:

1. Leverage the Power of Small Wins

Never neglect the power of small wins. Even if you only manage to sell a couple of small deals in a given time period instead of that large $500k deal, don't become worried. By acknowledging your capacity to create small wins, you will increase your confidence in yourself and your sales ability. This will carry you through slower times when sales aren’t flowing in as you expected. 

According to a study performed by Harvard Business School (https://hbr.org/2011/05/the-power-of-small-wins), small wins can greatly boost your motivation and enhance your positive mood. As a result, stop worrying when a month passes by without you landing that big sale. Capitalize on the power of consistent small wins and believe in yourself, knowing that those large juicy sales contracts are just around the corner.

2. Track your Weekly Wins

Tracking your results is just as important as doing your job and selling the products and services your company has to offer. Write down each win and remember to share your successes with your closest friends. As for failures, learn from them and try not to repeat your mistakes.

3. Reward Yourself for Your Accomplishments

As a sales professional it is imperative that you focus on the big picture of creating and nurturing relationships at large companies. As you sell to larger companies, your sales may be less frequent than if you sold less expensive products like a B2C salesperson, so staying motivated can be more difficult because making large sales may only happen a few times per month.

That is why when you are successful and you land that huge multi-million dollar sales contract with a dream client, you really need to reward yourself. It could be a vacation on that remote island, a hiking trip in the Alps, or that new car you've been wanting to buy for years.

By rewarding yourself, your brain will tie your sales success to that expected reward, and it will convince you to fight more and work harder in order to seal each sales deal. Moreover, you will also choose to spend less time on unimportant "busy tasks" and focus your time on actions that will make sales, as you want to experience that thrill of the big sale and the big reward that followsit over and over again.

4. Believe in Yourself

If you have managed to land a job as a B2B sales professional at a large company, you should be proud of yourself. Few salespeople have the privilege of working for a large corporation selling high-end business products or services. By believing in yourself and in your capacity to land big sales, you will stop wasting time and you will focus more on productive selling activities, knowing that you can and will land large sales contracts. You will give yourself more credit and enjoy much higher self-esteem and confidence.

The Bottom Line

Follow all of these motivational tips and excel at what you do best – selling products and services to large business clients. Visualize your reward and focus every minute of your work time on selling. Stop spending time on busy work and hire a virtual assistant to do that work for you.

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