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What The World’s Top 1% Salespeople Do Differently That Makes Them Great

November 3, 2017

The world’s top 1% salespeople have certain habits and traits that make them stand out from the rest of the pack.

Every company wants to have the world’s top 1% salespeople working in their sales department. The reason for this is obvious, they are superstar performers. Unfortunately, very few organizations have superstar salespeople in their team that fit the description of the world’s top 1% salespeople.

Most salespeople are average or below average performers who do not improve sales revenue for their companies. Unlike average salespeople, the world’s top 1% salespeople know how to prospect with customers and close big deals for their companies. In other words, the world’s top 1% salespeople always exceed their sales quota. But what really differentiates the world’s top 1% salespeople from average salespeople?

First of all, the world’s top 1% salespeople have high standards that they set for themselves. They always assume that it is their responsibility to surpass sales quotas and they work towards achieving that.

On the other hand, average salespeople do not feel like they will be held accountable if they do not reach sales quotas. As a result, they do not achieve their sales targets. You might think that confidence and talent are what makes the world’s top 1% salespeople stand out from the other 99%.

However, studies show that being organized is what separates the best salespeople from the rest. The world’s top 1% salespeople have an organized sales process that is clear and systematic. This helps them track leads easily and be accountable for closing deals. On the other hand, average salespeople try to do things differently from how they use their CRM to how they make phone calls to prospective customers. As a result, they lack motivation which results in average performance.

If you are not among the world’s top 1% salespeople, it doesn’t mean that you will never reach that level. There are specific behaviors and habits that can be copied so that an average salesperson can become an elite 1% salesperson.

For example, drive to win. You can develop a habit of winning so that you always want to win the most deals. That little extra is what separates good salespeople from great salespeople. However, for you to close down the leads you need to think like buyers. The top 1% salespeople think like buyers and they understand the problems they have and the solution they are looking for. They use this to guide their prospective buyers up to the point they are ready to close the deal.

Top salespeople are not discouraged when they face rejection or objection. They move on with their confidence intact. Average salespeople can copy this habit too so that they can become elite salespeople. For you to grow you need to keep learning. That is what top salespeople do. They read sales books, acquire new skills and improve their own sales skills. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will make you an elite salesperson.

Top 5 things that world’s top 1% salespeople do that other 99% of salespeople do not do

1. They manage their time efficiently

Time is a limited resource and the world’s top 1% salespeople know how to use their time well every day. They always want to maximize every minute of the day and they know what they are supposed to do with the hours they have. They know when to offer a discount, when to give a product demo, and how to answer difficult questions. They set out a clear plan for each day that will ensure they succeed.

2. They are always eager to win

The top salespeople do not just want to win, they know that they need to win. If you want to win, you can become discouraged when you face rejection. However, if you need to win you will not lose your enthusiasm even when you are rejected. As a result, top salespeople are always competitive and will chase down every prospect until they succeed in closing down deals.

3. They understand the buying process

The world’s top 1% salespeople understand the buying process like the back of their hand. They know the problems of the buyer and they are ready to offer a solution to their problems. They understand that focusing on the need of the buyer will help them close the deal quickly.

4. They know when to walk away

Top salespeople don’t waste time with prospective customers who are not ready to buy. They have an instinct to know if a customer is willing to convert or not. Instead of wasting time, they walk away to look for other customers that are a good fit.

5. Listen more and ask the right questions

When you listen more, you know what your customers want and not what you want. This will help you ask the right questions that build trust between you and your customers, which brings you closer towards closing the deal. Customers want to know that you empathize with them and understand their struggles. That is what top salespeople do. They are genuinely interested in their prospective customers.


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