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December 26, 2019

Have you ever put a lot of time and effort into sending an email, even asking a few questions, only to have the recipient never reply to you? I know I have, in this post we're going to be exploring one of the common reasons that prospects or even people aren't replying to your emails on a regular basis, enjoy.


So, here's an email that's done the wrong way, you write an email and you say;

“It was great connecting with you today. Now that you've had some time to consider, do you think your CEO would like to jump on a call? Also, we didn't get a chance to book our next session, what day works best for you? Any plans for this weekend? Also, attached are all the materials I said I would send over.”

Okay, so some of you may be thinking what's wrong with that email. It seems like a really good follow up process, you're building the relationship, you're asking them “what do you have planned for this weekend”, you're trying to loop in the CEO, and you're attaching content. You're getting a lot done at once, but if you've ever sent people an email asking them to do multiple things in one email, you've probably found that people on average tend to only answer one of your questions or do one of the things that you've asked them to do. Even if you went as far as to number and bullet point your email.

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So, think about this when you're writing an email, what's the most important thing that prospect should be doing to further the sales process, what is that prospect going to need to see or hear from you for them to feel comfortable and confident with taking that next step towards buying your product or service?

So, here's a new email. In this example your prospects name is Sam, you'd say;

“Hi Sam. Here are the materials I promised that I'd send over to you on our call. Enjoy and talk soon.”

Then on another email you say something like;

“Hey, how does your schedule look next week at 2:30 or 4:30 on Wednesday for our next call?”

So, what you did is, you broke up what might be in one email, you broke it up into two, you can even break it up into three. I might even throw on there, because you want the CEO on board, I'd say;

“How does your schedule look next week for 2:30 or 4:00 on Wednesday? By the way do you think your CEO would be able to attend?”

Something like that, but you're still only trying to do one thing per email.

I know it sounds weird, it sounds like you're just flooding that person's inbox with content, but it actually does them a favor. It gives them more clarity. Have you ever gotten an email or somebody's asking you to do multiple different things on one email and you often think, 'I'm going to get to this later'. But if somebody asks you to do one quick thing, You'll often respond to it because you want to get through your to-do list.

So, in order to get your content out of the procrastination pile and into the do it now pile, make sure you ask them to do one thing per email. All right, you might be wondering, what is the most powerful link or attachment you can send in a follow-up email. Go to, we've got something to share.

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