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Proposals as easy as 1,2,3

December 5, 2019

This is for those of you who love to sell but hate creating proposals. We're going to show you that with ClientPoint, creating proposals is as easy as one, two, three.




Step one, with a single click, ClientPoint will pull all your prospect's data automatically into your ClientPoint proposal generator from your CRM.





Step two, the proposal will configure itself as you select which options the prospect wants. No more manual calculations, pricing sheets, or formatting battles with Excel, Word, or Power Point. ClientPoint streamlines every aspect of even the most complex proposals, with just a few clicks. This can include complex pricing formulas, ERP integration, and more, all pre-built into your ClientPoint software.



Step three, click submit and send. Once the proposal completes itself, you're able to send it to your prospect via email or text message and you'll even get notifications and analytics when your prospect is viewing your proposal in real time.


One of the great things about ClientPoint is that it is a live proposal experience that can be modified and will update in real time. No more having to reattach or resend proposal versions with every single edit. These are just some of the reasons why salespeople and prospects both love ClientPoint.

If you'd like to see how ClientPoint can improve your proposal process, optimize your sales pipeline, and increase your win rates by 30% or more, schedule a consultation with us today.

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