Why Some Sales Tools Decrease Sales

February 6, 2020
3 Minute Read

Did you know that some sales tools and sales trainings have actually been proven to backfire and decrease sales. Today we'll talk about why that is and how you can overcome it.

Most sales leaders, when they're looking at making any purchase of software or training, are typically dealing with some bad memories. A software they purchased that their sales team didn't use or a training that kind of derailed people and didn't work.


There was a 2018 Miller Heiman study that was published in Chief Sales Officer Insights that showed, yeah, a lot of sales interventions actually have decreased sales. But there are some sales tools and some sales trainings that crushed it and really did increase sales.

So, the question is, how do you know if something's going to decrease sales? And how do you know if something's going to increase sales? Really the real question is, is what you’re looking at, as a software or a training, is it just a shiny object, or is it going to deliver real revenue and real return on the investment?

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There are a couple of things you want to look at. First, how close is this to actually saving your salespeople time? Is this going to make your sales team's job easier or is this actually going to give them more work?

The other thing you want to think about is, how about the buyer? Is it easier for your prospect to buy from you now that you have this tool or is it harder? Do they feel more connected to your sales organization, to your brand, or less connected? If it's harder for your buyer and it's harder for your salesperson, it's definitely going to decrease sales.

So, those are two questions that you can think about and ask yourself before making any purchasing decisions. How is it going to impact your salespeople? How is it going to impact your buyer? Very simple.


ROI Digital (Cropped)Now, ClientPoint is so powerful and gives you a massive return on your investment because it automates a lot of the really challenging parts of the sales process, specifically, around proposal and contract creation. Often the worst part of the sales job is sitting there making contracts and wrestling with PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. And it's that part that gives salespeople a lot of anxiety. So, if you can make that part of the sales job easier, your salespeople are going to have a big win.

Another thing ClientPoint does is, it brings your proposals and your contracts to life. Imagine if, instead of sending a boring static PDF, you sent a multimedia experience. An experience that makes your buyers feel more connected to your salespeople and more connected to your brand.

ClientPoint is one of those softwares that really impacts the business at that critical level, where the customer's really trying to make the decision, should we go with this company or not? It makes it easier on the salesperson and makes it a more powerful experience for the buyer.

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