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The Anatomy of a One Call Close

January 30, 2020

In this post Brian Koehn covers the key techniques he used to close a sale after a single call. In sales this is called a One Call Close, check it out.


So, on this call we had a frame battle and I had to use the tonality skills because at that point it was still a question of who is going to dominate or who's in charge of this call? And it was while all that was happening that I said to myself, “I'm annoyed at this guy”. But I kept having strong tone matching his and I didn't cave.

I started asking serious questions about his business, more curious, and not just trying to focus on the product. Shortly after that there was a moment in the call when we started becoming friends. And that's really when the sale was made, in my opinion, just in that moment. That gave us the foundation to have a really meaningful call that showed the product.

USE INTENSITY AS MOMENTUMSmoldering-Intensity_The-Rock_Cropped)There is a kind of blessing and curse with people that are really kind of intense. And this guy was pretty intense, he would've scared most people. The curse is that they can just bulldoze you and can end up emailing the CEO saying this person sucks. The blessing is that they're decision makers. If they like you, you're in with them for life and they'll buy your product and they’ll do it right now. So, I thought, okay, this is the type of dude that, if I can get through to him and we can become friends, he'll probably do  a deal right now.

SOLVE THEIR PRESSING PROBLEMAdobeStock_314321049He had one problem he was trying to solve, which was automation. And I hinted that we could do all these other cool things, but I said, “I know that's not what you're looking for right now, so I'm not going to go there. I'm just going to leave it at that, you're smart enough to know what I'm talking about.” Then I went back to his one problem. Because, if I start talking about all these other cool things that we can do just because I'm excited, paradoxically, the less interested he will be. This is because less energy is around the thing he cares about and now he will get overwhelmed and I'll have to convince him.

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OVERCOME YOUR FRUSTRATIONThe other thing that I had to do is discipline myself to use the techniques of rapport braking and holding a strong frame because I was just annoyed. I was so annoyed at this guy initially that I didn't even want to talk to him. If I had a Fitbit on, you would've seen my blood pressure and my heart rate going up. So, I had to humble myself and I had to chill. I had to relax, and then relax even more.

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