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Why A.D.D is a Superpower in Sales

January 23, 2020

A.D.D. is a superpower in sales. Today, I'm going to be talking about how I discovered A.D.D (Attention deficit disorder) is a superpower in sales and how you can use this superpower even if you don't have A.D.D.


When I was in second grade, I had a school teacher tell my mom that there was something wrong with Brian, and the thing that's wrong with Brian isn't going to go away and that we need to figure out how to solve it.

I'd be looking out the window in class while the teacher is trying to teach something, and I remember looking at the sky. My mom finally asked me, "What were you thinking about when you were just looking up at the sky?" And I was thinking about being an astronaut and what it be like to be in space. That was always more interesting than the teacher. I've struggled with this from a very young age all the way through school, even into my career.


But it wasn't until I got into sales that I started seeing how this ability to get distracted was actually a superpower. I started bringing this distractibility into my sales cycle. I became a top salesperson in multiple companies back to back to back. I think this ability to get distracted had everything to do with my ability to connect authentically with another person.

I'd hear a prospect say something kind of in passing that was interesting, and it may not have had anything to do with seemingly closing the sale, but it had everything to do with who that person was. I would always stop there, and this was off script, it was out of the sales process. It was probably something a sales trainer would have said, "Why are you talking about this thing with this person that has nothing to do with closing a sale?" But I found out that by getting distracted and just talking to somebody about something that was interesting to them and interesting to me, it made us more connected.

Most salespeople that don't have A.D.D. they get on sales calls and they stick strictly to talking about the product or talking about the problem and it's very step by step by step. It's very script oriented. But there's so much richness to be felt and to be experienced if you're willing to go off topic and you're willing to tangent and you're willing to get distracted and truly connect with someone.

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USING A.D.D AS A SALES SUPERPOWERJust the other day I was on a sales call with a guy who, when he got on the call, was actually quite rude and in a hurry. It upset me at first and I got mad. I was thinking, "I don't want to talk to this guy." But I decided to get curious about him and just kind of kept rolling with it. Then he told me that he had just bought this company and I was like, "That's interesting."

It had nothing to do really with what we were trying to close the deal around and what we originally were talking about. But my favorite part of the conversation and his was me just asking him, “How'd you even find this company to buy? This is interesting.”, and we just started talking about it. Then I said, "What else are you doing? Are you doing other things?", and I just started to get to know who he was.

It was in that exact same moment that we were talking, about who he was and what made him really special, that his voice even shifted. His entire energy shifted, and at that moment, I had made a friend. I had made a connection. I had made the sale and I didn't even know it until at the end of the call. By being distracted and just finding something that was interesting to me about this guy and just being willing to go there and talk about it. Even if it felt like it had nothing to do with the call, it really drew us together and it drew my product or service closer to him as well and it allowed me to close that sale.

GET DISTRACTED WITH YOUR PROSPECTSo, here's what you need to do. You need to get distracted on your sales calls in order to become more powerful at communicating. If there's a light bulb moment where you learned something interesting about somebody on a sales call, let them into the moment with you. A lot of times we hear something and we think, "Wow, that's really interesting," but we don't say anything because it had nothing to do with the sales call or the sales process or the product or the pain that they're in.

Take a moment and just talk to them about whatever it is. It can't be insincere. Don't just make something up like the cheesy family, occupation, recreation, message stuff. Find something that is really unique to that individual. There are people on these calls that have such a rich background, and everyone is extremely unique. Listen to those little subtleties on the call and get distracted with them.

When you're in that distraction, just talk about it and have fun and enjoy getting to know that person. You will connect with that person in a way that probably no salesperson ever has in the past, and that will create stronger relationship and a stronger bond. Once you transition back into the sales conversation, you're going to be selling to a friend and they're going to be an ally of yours and much more likely to buy from you.

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It's often said that in coaching, that the breakthrough typically happens when you're in tangents. It's not when you're actually talking about the thing you're trying to get help with. The same thing happens in sales. The real human connection, the real friendship and the real sale typically happens in the tangents, the conversations that you're having that seem to have nothing to do with the actual sale itself.

So, if you want to get more sales, you want to close more sales, but more importantly, you want to start feeling more connected as a human being to your prospects, start getting distracted on your sales calls.

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