How to use an iPad to improve your business

August 19, 2014

IPad is seen as mainly content consumption platform and in a business world, its role is very vague. Apple didn't provide any guidance for using iPad in improving business related tasks. The purpose of this article is to give you a clearer instruction on what apps you may use to improve your day to day business chores. So here is the top 5 list of business apps.

1. Splashtop business

This app allows the user to access his work computer from iPad. Splashtop business transforms your iPad's screen into the computer screen, and you can access your computer anywhere. Interface is clean and easy to use, but remapping of the keyboard can be little tricky to use, but most users get a hang of it in a few hours of usage. 256-bit SSL encryption throws away any doubt about privacy concerns. When you want to use certain software that is not available for iPad, this is a great app for business. And the price is very reasonable, $60 yearly fees per user.

2. Google Docs & Sheets

These two apps can be used as a perfect combination to manage and create text or spreadsheet files. The only downside is that the user can't send files through this app, he can only invite colleagues to co-author a text or spreadsheet. This is a good solution for the quick synced document interface that is efficient and reliable.

3. Pages & Numbers

This logical upgrade to the Google Docs & Sheets apps have tons of additional features regarding creating and editing documents, and of course, saving and sharing created files. These apps will let you share documents with other apps and saving this document in a .pdf format is very easy.  These apps have attractive templates and creating professional looking documents can be done in a breeze.

4. Genius Scan - PDF Scanner

With this app you get your own personal scanner. It's simple - take picture of the document that you want to scan and use this app to locate the corners of your item. There are no perspective issues, because Genius Scan adjusts the image proportionately.

5. Kashoo Accounting

This is the one of the most important app on this list, because this app has all the tools you need to do all the business basics from your iPad, from quickly entering expenses to creating professional looking invoices.

Other apps worth mentioning :

Agenda Calendar, this app syncs with a host of online calendars.

Daylite 4 a great CRM manager, a full project management control.

TripIt, this app has  a quick access to all travel itineraries.

Skype, great app for one on one calls, champion of VoIP.

Asana Mobile, collaborative task management app.

iThoughts HD, a great mind mapping app.

Keynote lets you run any presentations from the iPad

Evernote, great tool for notes and much more.

Dragon Dictation, this app does a good job in taking notes.

1Password, allows for storage of synced passwords.

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