Power Pose

November 1, 2012

Amy Cuddy can tell who you are by how you sit, stand, lean, lounge and generally move about your day.

And she also knows that changing your posture can change who YOU think you are.

Amy Cuddy’s a social psychologist and Harvard Professor who has spoke at 2012’s TED Conference (Not familiar with TED? Get familiar! It’s a conference of the world’s greatest speakers and their videos are posted online. [Brilliant]). You really must watch her Time Magazine interview. She’s adorable and has some great research.

She identifies two types of poses:

The Power Pose: This is when you’re all stretched out, feet on top of desk, hands locked together behind the head.

The PowerLESS Pose: These poses are characterized by a crumpling of the body. Limbs intertwined, legs crossed.

Those who assumed a Power Pose, just for a few minutes, BEFORE an interview, were much more likely to be well rated. Those who sat in chairs, leaning over their iPhones with legs crossed, they did not fare so well.

Next time you’re feeling a little down, or feeling especially confident check out how you’re carrying yourself.

And make sure to check that your proposals are postured for success, as well, with Paperless!

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