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Getting Down and Digital with Newsweek

October 24, 2012

One of the biggest names in the newsweekly market, aside from Times, has made the leap. Newsweek, and the leap in question is a digital one.

They found their beginnings in print 79 years ago and now after almost a century are moving on to the realm of the tablet screen. The Editor-in-Chief mentioned a sense of romance attached to a print magazine,however she also said that “it did very quickly begin to feel to me (like) an outmoded medium."

Newsweekly isn’t the only major magazine that has gone the digital route. US News and World Report led the way back in 2010. If you hadn’t guessed we’re pretty big advocates for the electronic switch over here at Paperless.

Props to Newsweek for taking the eco-friendly route (even if that may not have been their motivation...). Breaking the print-trend is also a big step towards setting themselves apart from the competitors. On top of that, the digital page is more accessible and easier to track which stories are getting the most user attention.

...kind of like our proposals, no?

Sources: After 79 years in print, Newsweek goes digital only and Quad/Graphics say Newsweek loss will have "negligible" financial impact

Photo: Flickr/jronaldlee

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