3 Tips for Converting Clients with Psychology

November 24, 2012

Who is not a fan of psychologically proven goodness? No one I know isn't. (<--Double negative craziness!)

Well, I’ve got 3 great tips for creating customer conversions, all firmly rooted in research and brought to you by the kind folks of Help Scout.

Check out the infographic here for the full ten tips and explanations, or read ahead to learn about my favourites!


  • Label Making: A study showed that by labelling people “politically active” they would be 15% more likely to vote. All took was the simple label to encourage action. Put it into action: You could do the same by identifying your most loyal or frequent customers and letting them know! Having this special label, and perhaps special discounts or recognition to go along with it, will make the customer feel set apart and recognized for their faithfulness.
  • Stance Taking: How do you get customers that are faithful? The relationship forged between a devotee and their favorite brand, according to 64% of said devotees, comes about through shared values. When a company takes a stand that the customer agrees with, supporting the company becomes just another way to support the cause of their choice. I’m a personal fan of the brands who jump on the Go-Green wagon.
  • Boredom Breaking: When participants in a study found ten cents by surprise, even so small an amount changed their outlook. Try giving your clients (and prospective clients) little surprises every now and then. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. Some companies occasionally send personalized thank you emails. I still love my gym for giving me a free protein bar on a day when I forgot my cash at home; what a surprise that was!

Photo: Flickr/Joel Bedford

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