Behaviors of Salespeople That Turn Off Potential Customers

November 13, 2013

Once you become skilled at making sales, there is a lot of money to be made. But before you can work on your sales pitch, there are things that you need learn about what not to do at a sales presentation that are as important as your sales pitch. Being a great salesperson is all about learning how to avoid common mistakes that can kill any chance of a sale before you even finish your presentation.

Stop Being a Yes Man/Woman
You want to get the sale desperately, so in the beginning you will say yes to just about every demand the buyer has. These demands will cost you time and money in the long run, but more importantly, if you continue to say yes every time the buyer makes a request, they will become accustomed to it and expect it in the future. If the request is something you can do and it will result in you making a profit then go for it. If the request not only will take time but will result in your losing money, you have to learn to say no. Telling the buyer no simply sets a precedent early in the game and will end with you having many more happier buyers.

Stop Interrupting
When you ask your potential buyer a question, allow them to answer you completely before voicing your concerns. One of the biggest ways to kill a potential sale is when the salesperson can not stop talking. It is worse when a buyer begins to open up about their needs and you interrupt with witty chatter that simply kills all the momentum you made this far. Your job is to listen and then provide a solution to the needs you identified. Your job is not to be a fountain of information that interrupts your client at every turn.

Keep It Short and Simple
The more involved your presentation is, the better chance you have of confusing and eventually losing the sale. When the presentation tends to drag on endlessly, you confuse the client, and when they become confused they will not become a buyer. You must learn to get that message to the potential customer in a way they understand and that is short and to the point. Be respective of your clients time too, they took time from their valuable day to meet with you, respect that time and be brief but direct. Many people have very short attention spans, so try to hit your key points quickly and then close the deal.

Never Oversell the Product
Being too aggressive during your presentation will most surely turn off your client. When you push too hard or try to oversell the product, you come off as being desperate. When you take a more casual approach to the sale and simply promote the high qualities of the product or service, it will sell itself. Acting like the sale is not that big of a deal, the customer can make the judgement if that product or service is right for them. Pushing too hard will only brand you as a bully and you lose the sale and any potential chance of getting referrals down the line as your name goes down with the sale.


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