How to Get Your Business Ideas to Spread

October 30, 2013

Coming up with the perfect marketing strategy doesn\'t necessarily mean it will be a success unless you can convince your customers that your product and service meets their needs. The ability to identify a potential buyer’s needs is only part of the equation to growing your business, as you must also find new and unique ways to get your business ideas to reach your potential customers. The way to get your business to change and to reach your goals is by getting your business ideas to spread. Here are some techniques you can begin to utilize today that marketing guru Seth Godin says will transform your business and help to spread your business ideas.

The Way Ideas Used to Spread
The simple premise here is that if you can get your marketing ideas to spread, you will win. This does not matter if you run a Fortune 500 company, the local bakery, an online clothing store or you sell hot dogs on the corner of a big city. In the recent past, the way that businesses got their ideas to spread was by television marketing. Cereal companies understood this concept all too well, and by promoting their ideas to the children of the world, they sold more, which in turn made them more profits to invest into more product. This cycle was repeated endlessly until the goals of the company were either met, or until they changed their goals and began promoting their products even on a larger scale. That model is now dead because it was saturated and because the amount of competition is overwhelming. You have too many companies in the same niche fighting for the same customers. You must find a unique way to get your ideas to spread because competing with the other companies using the same techniques will be a waste of your efforts.

The Ways You Should Spread Your Ideas
In the world today, according to Seth Godin, the consumer has too many choices and not enough time. They simply ignore the same marketing techniques and marketing campaigns because they have seen it all before. You must make your business idea remarkable to the point that people want to talk about it. You have to create an idea that distinguishes your ideas from those of your competitors in a way that consumers want to remark about it. Your ideas need to get into the minds of the people who are going to be passionate about your product enough to tell their friends and colleagues. If you try marketing your ideas to the same people you have been, or that your competitors have been targeting, you will most likely never see a huge burst of sales because the average consumer just does not care enough about your product, service or idea to get emotionally involved. Target the people who actively are looking for your types of service, and market it in a way that they feel they simply must have it. Sell to the people who are listening. Seth Godin says that when Steve Jobs wanted to sell an idea, he would approach the thousands of people already on his mailing lists, invite them to a live online commercial, and pitch the new idea. The hope was they would tell their friends, and so on and on and on. You must begin marketing your next business idea to the people interested in you, whether that is your mailing list, fan base of Facebook, your Twitter followers or previous customers. Target the people who already like your service, and your ability to spread that idea will increase dramatically.

Getting People to Talk is Your Best Sales Tactic
When you promote your next business idea to the people who love your services or products, they will in turn tell their inner circle, and the base grows with every endorsement. Rather than target people who are already used to ignoring advertisements and marketing pitches, the majority of your efforts needs to be on the customers and fans you already have. If your business is brand new, you can grow a fan base quickly on Facebook by inviting family and friends into your circle, and simply allow them to reach out to their inner circles. The key to getting your ideas to grow is to be remarkable and stand out from the crowd. If everyone is selling red tomatoes in the supermarket, sell purple ones. If all your competition is selling round yo-yo\'s, sell square ones. Target your remarkable business idea to your clients, customers, fans and friends, and let them tell the world how great your business ideas really are.


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