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How to Stand Out From The Competition in Business

September 18, 2013

Trying to make your business stand out in a crowd when there are hundreds if not thousands of competitors all fighting for the same consumers, can be a daunting task. As a business owner you must find unique ways to distinguish your company from all the others. One of the problems many business owners have is that they are so caught up in the day to day tasks of running and maintaining a business that they simply do not have the time to consider creative ways to stand out in the crowd. When you focus only on the business, you are literally sucking the creative juices out of the company while losing your competitive edge at the same time.

What does it take to make your business stand out from the competition? You have to become the biggest fish in the pond that you are swimming in. That may seem like an old cliché, but many business owners think if they run a dog grooming company that they need to be the best grooming company ever to reach and attract the lion share of the consumers. The idea here is that you want to stand out in the area that you are currently working in. So for example, you work in an area where there are several similar businesses to yours, trying to be the best in your business can be left up to interpretation. The best according to whom? You could try and be the best but you may not be the best in the consumers’ eyes if they are not valuing your company on the same scale that you did.

To make your business stand out from the competition, you have to do something completely unexpected that will catch people off guard. If you simply employ tactics for being the best that every other business is utilizing, you will not get noticed at all. You need to create some unique ways to get attention that your competition is not doing. For example, you run a local hotel in a very busy part of town. You could get some of the staff to dress in tuxedos and attend the next convention in your town. Your employees can then hand out invitations to attendees telling them about free appetizers and drinks from 5pm-6pm at your hotel. They do not need to be registered guests. You will catch many attendees off guard as they will not be expecting free food and drink at a hotel where they are not staying. You will have many people first wondering about your offer, but then curious enough to come check it out. Guests can be greeted at the hotel by employees in tuxedos and seated for their free appetizers. You may or may not get them to register today, but you can bet you will have created a lasting impression that will stick with them when they are visiting the area again.

Finding ways to catch people off guard when it comes to particular businesses is a great way to not only stand out, but to attract consumers to your business. The emotion you want to convey here is the, "What am I missing" feeling, so you stir up their curiosity and then get them to act by patronizing your business. Being the best isn\'t good enough; you have to do something unexpected that will keep your brand in the mind of the consumer next time your service may be needed.


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