How Soon to Contact a Lead From Your Business Website

November 21, 2013

Your website may be set up to collect leads from potential customers but you are not converting those leads into sales. You might even feel those leads are simply tire kickers who do not have a serious interest in your products or services. Before you give up on this marketing campaign you should consider how you are reaching out to those leads as a possible reason for the lackluster sales. If you are not aware of how soon you should be contacting your new leads, this information should help you turn more of those leads into sales sooner than you thought.

When you have a person who took the time to visit your website and actually fill out a form giving you their name and contact information, you should treat that lead as a potential sale. The problem for most website owners is that they simply wait too long to contact the lead, and by the time they do the lead either purchased elsewhere or has changed their minds. Many tests online have shown that by responding to a lead within five minutes of them filling out the information on your website increases the likelihood of the sale by over one hundred times. That means if you are not sitting by your computer monitoring your sales leads you should have a system in place where you can reply to them quickly, preferably by telephone.

As more time passes from the time the lead filled out the information on your website, your chances of closing the sale quickly diminishes. Many website owners let days pass before they make all their follow up contacts to the sales leads and wonder why they are not closing any of the deals. The study goes on to say that even if you waited five hours to contact that sales lead, you will now be three hundred times less likely to make the deal. This simply shows that if you want to increase your conversion rate on sales leads you have to act as fast as possible. Set up a system where as you receive notification the instant a lead is generated on your website and either call or email that lead immediately. It is difficult enough trying to find new customers, but when you have one right in your hands ready to buy you should make every effort possible to get to that customer before too much time passes.

If you are sending auto-responders to your sales leads this might not be enough to close a deal. Everyone gets those in their inbox and they seem very impersonal. The best way to convert leads into sales is by getting personally involved in the sales. With all the advances in mobile technology it is very easy to have a notification sent to you that a lead was made on your website. Access that information and either make the call or end the email. The email should not be a canned reply like the auto-responder, it should be a personal message introducing yourself and your business and reaching out to see how you can be of service. If the contact left a phone number you should make times as soon as possible and contact that lead. The chances of your sales increase one hundred fold the sooner you make that contact from the time they filled out the information.


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