What is Retargeting and Why is it Such a Valuable Internet Marketing Channel

November 22, 2013

Getting traffic to your website is the goal of all your online marketing campaigns. The reason that you have to be so diligent when it comes to your marketing campaigns is because only 1-2% of all the traffic that comes to your website the first time will result in a conversion or sale. The 98% of visitors that leave your website are usually lost potential sales that you may never see again. Retargeting is a way to get your company name in front of that 98% in a way that is not obtrusive and help to bring them back to your store to convert at a later time.

The whole concept of retargeting is basically a unique type of advertising that follows the visitors that left your website and places your ads on their pages while they are looking at similar products online. The way it works is your continue to do your marketing campaigns as usual and you get your daily visitors where the 2% convert into sales. The other 98% looked at your website and products or services and feel they are not ready to make a purchase and leave your website. When they are online after they have left your store your ads will begin to pop up periodically to remind them of your storefront.

The entire retargeting campaign is based around a small cookie that is placed on each visitor that comes to your website. You can add this tag to the footer of your website and it will add a cookie to their browser. The code will basically follow your visitor around the web and when they are looking at websites or products your ads will appear to those customers. The cookie will not affect your website or the visitors, it simply adds a cookie that will place your ads instead of your competitors ads on their pages.

The reason that retargeting works so well is because you have already spent the money on marketing to the people who visited your website. Now when your ad displays on their pages after they leave your website they are already very familiar with your website and your brand. They have already visited your website once which shows that they had an initial interest in your products or services. By reminding them of your website with retargeting you many get the people who were only window shopping or not ready to buy to revisit your website and close the deal. You will see a much higher ROI using this form of marketing than you would from all your other campaigns because you are targeting people who already know who you are.

The best way to get the most value out of retargeting is to create different campaigns based on what those visitors initially were interested in when they stopped by your website. If they stopped by and looked at running shoes, you target those visitors with ads from your website about running shoes. This way your website and your brand slowly begin to gain more recognition each time they see those ads. If you want your retargeting campaign to be successful your ads should have clear call to action links that promote an offer that your visitor was already interested in.


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