How a Salesperson Can Increase a Customer's Trust

November 15, 2013

There are many reasons why people do not like salespeople. When you think of the worst salesperson you have ever dealt with, there are some common underlying feelings that seem to project out to all salespeople. They do not seem to have any concern for your needs, they would rather make a sale than build a relationship, and they are just phonies who have no respect for the customer. Trying to break through that negative barrier and convince your prospective buyer that you really do have their best interest at heart can be difficult. Here are a few techniques you can employ today to help you to increase the trust between you and your customers.

When a salesperson uses tactics that are designed to manipulate and confuse the customer, they tend to become their own worst enemy. While this tactic may result in a few sales in the beginning of the relationship, inevitably they will lose that customer\'s loyalty and the sales will stop. The key to increasing your sales and gaining the trust of the buyer is to act in direct conflict with all the stereotypes that people have towards salespeople. You will find by doing the opposite of what a buyer is expecting can build strong credibility and ultimately gain their full trust.

The best way to gain a buyer\'s trust is to stop trying to sell them your product or service. Although the goal is to eventually sell them the products, when you first start dealing with a new client you have to go against all the sales tactics that you have employed in the past. This is not to say you have to do this on every sale, you are going to use this sales tactic on customers that you feel may have ill feelings towards salespeople and try to persuade them to trust you as a person. You are trying to build credibility and trust early in the relationship so you can focus on your sales presentations at a later time.

When you first meet a new client you may not know who they have been dealing with in the past and what type of relationship that they have had. Rather than come out with guns blazing and saying bad things about your competition, you start off by saying nice things about them. This may seem counterproductive but when you make nice comments about a competing business it will leave a lasting impression on your prospects. If the competition is a legitimate force to be reckoned with, saying nice things will work in your favor.  However, if you say great things about a competing salesperson who is know to be sleazy and a scammer, your efforts will come off as just a sales ploy.

To gain the trust of your potential buyer, try offering them a lower priced product as opposed to a higher priced one that will make you more money. If the lower priced item will fit their specific need, then promote that product to them. They will remember that you were not all about the sale and the money long after the sale is closed. Try pushing them into a higher priced item when it is not warranted and you will kill their trust for good.

Gaining the trust of your new client sometimes requires you to step outside of your comfort zone to do so. Consider recommending one of your competitor\'s services and products if you feel it is a better fit than one of your products. The reason that doing this builds immediate trust with the buyer is because many salespeople will continue to try and push their particular items even when they know that their item is inferior. You do not want to be that typical salesperson, so try making these occasional suggestions and you will put yourself in the position to make bigger sales in the future with this client.

When you work a few of these techniques into your sales presentation, you will stop appearing like the typical salesperson and become more of a trusted part of the team, which is what you are supposed to be. Your job is to help your customers solve their problems--not force products or services on them that they do not need. Become a trusted advisor. When you gain their trust you will find that your sales presentations in the future are much better received.


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