How to Properly Contact and Deliver a Sales Pitch to Local Businesses

December 9, 2013

When you are in the business to business industry, your target audience are the brick and mortar businesses that surround you locally. Contacting and delivering a sales pitch to these businesses can be intimidating, especially if it\'s something you have no experience with. Some of the product and service providers that appeal to local businesses include content writers, graphic designers, promotional merchandise manufacturers, custom clothing designers, internet marketers and more. The B2B industry is an ever expanding one and it\'s getting more competitive day by day. Today\'s businesses need innovative products and effective services to build their brand and increase profits. Below, you will find tips and tricks on how to deliver a sales pitch to local companies that will not only earn you their business, but will keep them around as long-term clients for years to come.

Have visual aids at-the-ready

Visual aids showcase the professionalism of your business. When you arrive with visual aids at-the-ready such as a computer tablet with graphs and other data to help you pitch your product or service, you are much more likely to close the sale. Visual aids can also be things like billboards, print outs from your website, or various other things. Most people register information in the brain easier when they have a visual representation of what you are telling them. Business owners are no different and it\'s a highly impressive when you arrive well prepared to deliver a sales pitch.

Know your product/service like the back of your hand

It may seem repetitive to memorize the complete specifications of your product or service, but it will be well worth the effort when you can quickly cite product details while delivering your sales pitch. You should spend several hours studying before doing your first interview with a business owner. Memorizing key details about your product or service can save you from running out of things to say while in the middle of a conversation with an important client.

Research effective copywriting techniques

The art of writing a sales pitch is very similar to the art of delivering one in person. Researching effective copywriting techniques can be a great way to improve your sales pitch. When selling to local businesses, you need to be precise with the things you say. Every human being is biologically programmed to buy things based off of their life needs and good copywriters and marketers will always tie Maslow\'s hierarchy of needs into their sales copy. Maslow\'s hierarchy of needs basically states that products and services that solve physiological issues such as food, water and sleep will appeal to the average person more than a product that targets something less important to the individual. When speaking from a business standpoint, local businesses are going to be interested in products or services that improve their business and enhance profit over something that does not.

Have confidence in yourself

The number one thing is to believe in yourself and your business as a whole. If you know you have a product or service that\'s valuable to small businesses, then have confidence when you deliver your sales pitch. Business owners will feed off your confidence and immediately trust in your brand.


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