How to Get Repeat Sales from your Customers

December 10, 2013

When heading a successful business, whether big or small, there are several key factors that must be kept in mind to insure that businesses\' success and longevity. One is the ability to get repeat sales from customers that have already purchased something before. There are very specific ways to guarantee that a customer will become a repeat customer and come back to order again and again. Listed below are factors that must be implemented and taken into account when trying to retain customers, and make sure that they will be ordering similar products and services from your company again in the future.

Be the authoritative expert in your niche
This is so important because people only buy from those who prove that they know what they\'re doing and what they\'re talking about. If you are in a niche, you need to completely immerse yourself in it and learn everything there is to know about it. You need to be on the cutting edge of all new processes, procedures, shortcuts and all details should be almost second nature. Those who buy from you the first time may get a general idea that you are an expert, but depending on their experience with the first purchase, and whether or not it was beneficial or helpful or what they thought it would be, will decide whether or not they will give you repeat sales. Being an expert essentially guarantees that all your products are of the highest caliber and that makes repeat sales more likely.

Develop a relationship with your customer
Don\'t always be out for the customer\'s dime. This may sound counter intuitive but it\'s really not. People will be more likely to buy from you again and again if they think that you truly have their best interest at heart. Which means that you must treat customers like they are people and not just money. So this means sending them applicable and helpful newsletters and emails. This means answering questions or having customer service reps that truly care about the customer\'s experience and are not always trying to get one over on them. Treat your customers with integrity and worth, and they will most certainly return the favor by becoming repeat customers and contributing significantly to your bottom line.

Incentivize your customers
This is a key aspect that will essentially make or break building a long term relationship with some customers. You should offer deals or special savings for customers that have already purchased from you before. This basically drives up customer loyalty because they feel like you are working to accommodate and thank them for their past support and business. Deciding what exactly the incentive is, should be an individual business decision but it should be something that is obviously interesting, valuable and could potentially save the customer money. You want to establish a relationship with your customers that goes beyond just what they can do for you, i.e. from a profit standpoint, and shifts into what you can do for them. This will help with repeat sales tremendously.


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