The Power of InstaGram in Your Marketing Campaign

December 11, 2013

If you are using social media websites in your marketing campaigns and not utilizing the power of Instagram you are missing out on a huge amount of potential traffic and business. Social media websites have been gaining in popularity each month and recent studies have shown on Facebook alone the average user is now spending over fifty minutes a day on that one website. Instagram has been gaining in popularity because of all the added exposure your business can gain from posting your information on their site.

Instagram is very simple to use and has the potential to get your name and links in from of millions of potential customers very quickly. When you first setup your account you are allowed to include one link in your profile. Be sure to list your main website here because your username will hyperlink to your profile page where your main website like is prominently displayed. Choose your username carefully because you can not change it if you make a mistake. Try to get the name as close to your business name as possible so your brand is recognized across all social media platforms.

Once you have your user name and profile set up it is time to harness the power of this explosive social media website. No one is going to see your posts if you don\'t have fans and friends so use the free tools to search emails and Facebook for current fans you have. Once you have a few fans it\'s time to make a post. You either post an image or a ten second video that relates to your business. The way you get the word out is after you choose your image you use hashtags in the description that will link your post to all those hashtags as well. So if you are a screen printer you use the hashtag around words like printing, tee shirts, and embroidery so that your image and link will appear automatically under all of those hashtags. This is an extremely powerful feature that many people do not utilize correctly. Your one post can be sent to dozens of other pages instantly if you use the hashtags frequently throughout your post.

One other power feature within the Instagram platform is when you are about to post your message you have the option to have it automatically post immediately to Facebook and Twitter as well. Here is where the power of social media can really explode your visibility and your business. When you include a large amount of hash tags within your post on InstaGram it auto posts to Facebook and Twitter with those hashtags as live links too. So your one post to Instagram went to dozens of hashtag pages within InstaGram and then when it hit Facebook it did the same thing. Your hashtags are all live links within Facebook reaching another dozen pages. Once single post automatically is sent to dozens or more pages with all your links to your main website in place. The power of InstaGram can explode your visibility in a very short time and should be incorporated in your marketing campaign immediately.


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