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ClientPoint Release Announcement - August 27 2015

August 27, 2015

Announcing the latest version of ClientPoint.  We are proud to announce the following new features.  Please keep an eye out for these new features as they will start becoming available in your account shortly.  If you would like more information or a refresher we are happy to show you more about these new features or do a refresher training please contact 


HTML Email Templates with Merge Fields

The theme can now be changed to include use HTML.  Now you can include your company logo, graphical links, and merge fields right in the email tab on a proposal.  Please contact for more info.


In Person Signing for RightSignature
Now if you send reps into the field that create proposals in front of a client and collect signatures on site we can turn on the approve button when you view the proposal while signed in.  This will allow your rep to go over the documents with your client and then hit the approve button when they are ready.  You can then email the proposal to the client complete with signed documents.  We have companies using tablets out in the field with this functionality and are seeing great results with it.

Ability to Only Sign Contractual Documents

If you are utilizing our RightSignature integration and you have a large amount of documents in your proposal you may find that RightSignature takes awhile to prepare the documents for signature.  You now have the ability to have RightSignature only show the contractual documents for signing greatly speeding up the process.   Contact for more information.

Ability to Show the Opportunity Id from a CRM in the Manage Screen
If you need the ability to see which opportunity a proposal is tied to in your CRM on the ClientPoint manage screen this is now possible.  If you would like to take advantage of this please contact


Increased Performance

All of our storage is now upgraded to SSD (Solid State Drives) which offer much greater performance over traditional magnetic spinning disk hard drives.  Also for those who were experiencing performance issues after removing pagination when previewing the proposals this has now been resolved as well.  Enjoy the increased speed.

Other Improvements and Resolved Issues

  • Disable proposal locking
  • Lock screen shows name and email of who is currently editing proposal
  • Ability to enter in the hex code for theme colors
  • Prefix and title added to recipients and available in merge documents
  • ProposalId is now an available merge field
  • Contact Street Address is now an available merge field
  • Ability to open a webpage in a new tab
  • Capcha code on reset password page for enhanced security
  • If a merge document is not submitted the system will now inform you on the email screen giving you the chance to go back and submit them before sending.

We truly hope you enjoy the enhancements and that they bring even more power to your proposals.

If you experience any issues please email

Have a great week,

Zeb Evans

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