How to write a business proposal abstract

August 21, 2015

A business proposal is a written offer from a seller to a potential buyer. Business proposals are a key step in a process involving complex sales where buyers consider more than price when purchasing. When a business proposal is written, it is essential to include an abstract of the business proposal. An abstract is meant to provide a short overview and summarize the whole business proposal. With a business proposal abstract, the company you are presenting your proposal to is given a brief idea about your capabilities as an organization, what your main interests are, and who you are.

Important points to remember before writing business proposal abstract 

When writing a business abstract, it is important to ensure that it is concise and brief. It should have the ability to capture the reader’s attention since this will determine the difference between success and failure as concerns to your business. A proposal can be well detailed, but if it does not create a good first impression with the reviewer, chances are high that it is likely to be rejected.

You should avoid using words such as 'could’, 'seem’, 'might’ or any other words that resemble them that gives the impression that you do not have full confidence in the business proposal. Such words could also discourage the reviewers of your abstract from looking forward to see your business proposal because it paints a picture of your organization as one that does not have a definite future. You should be exact and provide information that is true, quantifiable and full of conviction showing that you care about the main objective of the business proposal.

It is important to remember that abstracts are minor versions of the full paper so you should not try to lure the reviewer by pushing crucial information to the conclusion. A quality abstract should plainly summarize your plans on the key issues that are listed in request for proposal. This makes the reviewers' job easier as they will be able to easily spot proposed issues and also copy and paste it in their reports. A badly written abstract whose main objectives are not easily picked out will make the reviewers work harder and will lower your chances of being approved.

Brainstorm search phrases that are most likely to be found easily by anyone looking for your paper. These phrases should be included in the body of the business proposal extract.

You should start preparing early so as to avoid last minute rushes. This will help you avoid delivering a badly written business proposal and abstract.

Before creating the first draft of the abstract, you should go over the full proposal to ensure that it conveys everything that is outlined in your business proposal. The abstract should be approximately 200 words. It is advisable that you write a full length abstract which will show evidence of superior work, more examples and more information because an abstract of 200 words is more convincing than that of 100 or 150 words. You should not write less than one sentence for every method, problem or objective.

When creating the abstract, you should use direct phrasing and avoid personal pronouns. It should be generally in the third person so as to give the impression of a team effort.

Go through the abstract after several days have passed. You should also one or more people going through your paper so as to get varied opinions and recommendations and they will also be able to point out the areas that need correction

Steps in writing a professional business proposal abstract are as follows:

Step 1

Complete the business proposal before writing the abstract. Many people usually do the opposite without knowing that it is supposed to be a summary of the whole business proposal. If you are forced to write an abstract before the proposal is complete, you should put focus on its purpose and come up with a topic sentence. However, you will need to rewrite the abstract once the proposal is complete because it will no longer reflect the actual contents of the document.

Step 2

Important conclusions and recommendations contained in the report should be highlighted and a checklist created. This will ensure that you do not forget to include the important details that will most likely set you apart from other people and help you win the contract.

Step 3

You should state the goal you intend to achieve and your motivation. A clear image of what you want to accomplish should be reflected and also ensure that you define the scope in the abstract of the report. Write for an audience because you never know who will read the abstract. You should describe why the problem is important more specifically to the reader. This will spark interest in the reader and motivate further reading. If you feel that the significance of your objective will not be immediately obvious, you should begin by describing your motivation before stating the problem or goal.

Step 4

Outline the approaches that you will use in achieving the goals or solving the problems identified in the previous step. Information on research methods used should be included. You should discuss your proposal including the variables and the approach you used. Also describe whichever evidence you have that supports your claim and give an overview of your most important sources. The thoroughness and credibility of the methodology and the sources used will determine whether the readers will feel confident in the results presented in your report.

Step 5

This is the section where you should avoid ambiguities and instead present numerical and concrete data. The results of your study should be detailed to avoid misinterpretations and allow readers to draw conclusions from them. The use of a chart or graph can help present the results in a clear manner and will also help to conserve space.

Step 6

Summary of the conclusions of the report should be made. You should address the meanings of your findings as well as the overall significance of your business proposal. Implications of the results and the subsequent actions recommended should also be included.

Here is a link to examples of some great business proposal abstracts

If you want to learn how to write a business proposal to win more new clients, here is a very detailed article we have written on how to write a proposal.


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