The Top 8 Methods For Getting More B2B Leads in 2016

February 3, 2016

Now that we’re already one month into 2016, it is time to use the best tactics and strategies to get your leads excited for your brand and to entice them to make a purchase.

If you had success in 2015 in attracting new leads, you will need to continue to remain competitive in 2016, and for that you might need to make some adjustments. Customer-centric marketing is slowly becoming the new norm, while interactive technologies will increase in popularity.

You want to capture your B2B audience as fast as possible and you want to stay motivated knowing that your company will enjoy a tremendous success. Here are 8 of the best methods to increase your reach in 2016 and generate more precious B2B leads for your business.

  1. Renounce the “Wolf of Wall Street” Persona

In our modern economy, companies that do not market themselves as long-term partners can’t succeed. People no longer trust those sleazy salesmen from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo Di Caprio. In this digital era, companies are well informed about the offers available on the market, so they don’t necessarily need salespeople to come with an offer.

In order to win a lot of new clients in 2016, you will need to build a strong relationship with your leads while renouncing the hard sales approach.

  1. Make the Most out of Paid Advertising

While the low cost or free advertising options might seem more attractive, you need to realize that paid advertising will continue to remain strong in 2016. A well targeted paid ad placed on the right platform can be much more effective than a two-week social media campaign.

In the B2B world, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords works just fine, but LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is terrific. This tool enables you to fully capitalize on the power of LinkedIn. This is primarily a remarketing tool that enables you to target your site’s visitors based on their behavior.

Here is a comprehensive article that shows you why LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is the best tool you have to attract more leads in 2016:

  1. Experiment with more Channels

With new advertising platforms appearing online on a regular basis, and the traditional advertising methods such as print advertising and trade shows becoming hot again, the best thing you can do to ensure you maximize your B2B demand for lead generation in 2016 is to experiment with several advertising channels.

After experimenting and investing resources in several channels, decide which one is the most effective for your industry and focus your efforts to use this channel. However, use other channels to further increase your exposure.

You should include at least two social media platforms in your top 5 advertising channels. For instance, LinkedIn is a must-use platform to promote your brand and attract more leads for your business fast. However, Twitter is also great at enabling you to establish your business as a reputable and trustworthy leader in your niche, while enabling you to interact with the top experts in your industry.

On the other hand, Facebook facilitates good user promotion and free advertising to millions of potential clients.

  1. Get the Whole Department Involved

In order to attract new leads faster in 2016 and get your B2B demand generation process to the next level, it is wise to get other teams in the department involved. For instance, the sales team could be extremely helpful at this point, as they could tell you exactly which strategies are working and for what types of customers they work best.

The customer service department could also prove to be a goldmine for your needs, coming with precious insights about what people really want and how they want it. Once you have an idea of what your customers need, you can get together and brainstorm for the best ideas and strategies to target their needs.

  1. Leverage the Advancements in Technology

2016 is a year where virtual reality and mobile technology are booming. This year, the society will become more tech savvy than ever before. In order to embrace this new, elevated level of technologies, companies need to adapt and find ways to leverage the power of emerging technologies to attract new leads.

In order to get new leads in 2016 and drive more traffic to your website, you will need to use technologies such as interactive (or dynamic) content, virtual reality, personalized online experiences and 3D questionnaires, coupled with any other types of interactive content.

Use channels such as social media, blogs, e-mail and webinars to share all of new information to your growing audience.

  1. Create Gated Content

Once your prospects subscribe to your newsletter or fill out a form, you can send them a free eBook, video, SlideShare or business proposal example. All of these are considered gated content.

Create highly personalized gated content to make sure you manage to convert potential leads into customers.

  1. Put it all Together

You’ve probably heard of this quote before: “success leaves clues”. To back up this claim, we just need to say that Coca Cola has generated an over 5,000% return on investment on one of their previous campaigns. To note, they have invested over 1 million of dollars in the campaign.

This $40 billion huge corporation has put it all together in order to create the best campaign possible. They have included in this campaign targeted ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, campaign websites, email marketing, video marketing, mobile advertising, retargeting and local mobile optimization.

Another famous corporation used the same recipe to generate over $52 million from just a $1 million investment (

Follow in their footsteps and combine multiple marketing tactics across various channels.

  1. Nurture your Leads

Lastly, in order to attract more leads in 206 you need to learn how to nurture them. You can choose from a wide variety of CRM programs to automate the whole process and to improve the relationship with your new clients.


Write down the above 8 tips on how to attract new leads and keep your eyes open for new opportunities that might arise. Remember, always be there for your customers and they will also be there for you.

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