Love: As You Love Thyself

August 6, 2012

I love to support businesses who love themselves.

While vacationing in San Antonio, today, the ‘L’ word was on my mind thanks to a little restaurant called Green Vegetarian Cuisine.

Not only were they eco-friendly and vegetarian (digital swoon), but they had excellent customer service. Our waitress accidentally gave us two smoothies when we only ordered one. However, to make it up she served us up two free cupcakes.

I’ve been making mental notes of businesses I enamor, lately, trying to find the common denominator. And I think I’ve found it.

They are the types of shops where the owner himself will go out and ask the customers how their experience was. When you talk to an employee you can tell that they have a stake in the place; they support the their workplace and feel engaged in it. It’s not just a 9-5.

From Forbes, contributor Tara-Nicholle Nelson came across 2 insights during an interview that really stuck out to me. She was talking with the CEO of Mrs. Meyers household cleaning products, not an entirely well-known brand, but a very well loved one.

1. Learn What You and the Customer Love.
Do you love it? Chances are you aren’t the only one. Tap into your passion for anything. For enthusiastic phone calls, for wind energy, or even minimalistic websites. You can make it part of your style and own it. That’s what Monica Nassif, Mrs. Meyers’ daughter did.

2. Become Your Target.
Over at Mrs. Meyers their company is about 70% female. And their customer base is primarily female, as well. They mirror their target audience.

“We don’t talk about our target consumer as abstract, we talk about it as ‘us.’ We share the values of our consumer, we design the product for us, hoping that if you’re like us, you’ll probably love it too,” explained CEO Kevin Rutherford.

This has got to be my absolute favorite quality of any business, physical or on the web. If I can tell the owners and employees want to be there or buy there, then I want to, too. Or if they give me cupcakes...

Source: 3 Multi-Sensory Marketing Musts: How to Have a Love Affair with Your Customers

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