Call Me, Maybe? A Sophisticated Approach

July 30, 2012

Flickr/ Alex Montandon studied the 100,000 call attempts and 15,000 leads that comprised 3 years of call data from 6 separate companys’ web leads. And they found answers.

What day should you call?

Wednesdays or Thursdays are by far the best. And by best I mean about 50% more successful than Mondays.

Okay, but what time on a Wednesday or Thursday?

If you want to begin the sales process, either 8-9AM or 4-5PM. If you just want to make a connection, get some contact, then your best bet is to call 4-6PM.

Alright then, I’ll try to call Wednesday or Thursday between 4 and 5, but what if I get my lead on Monday, should I wait until Wednesday at 4:30 to call them?

Heck to the no! Call them NOW. A call is 20 times more likely to move into the sales process when made FIVE minutes after the customer first touches base. Five minutes, guys.

There’s tons of great info packed into’s report. Check it out here.

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