How We Fixed Our Marketing and Tripled Our Leads

March 5, 2020

If you're in marketing, you're probably doing it wrong.

Here at ClientPoint we had to fix a massive marketing mistake that we were making. We’re going to share with you exactly how we did it and how you can fix your marketing right now.

Here is the mistake we were making at ClientPoint. We weren't looking at the completeness of the buying journey. In fact, we were starting to assume that just because we knew a heck of a lot about proposals and the problem that people had with proposals, that the market would understand that as well.

One of the awkward things you find pretty quickly if you're in sales or marketing is that you have bubble thinking and you are too close to the product or service that you're in every single day. This makes it so you automatically assume that the general marketplace is more aware than they actually are.


At ClientPoint, we started noticing that our cost per lead was going up. Our leads were moving slowly through the sales pipeline and it was tough to get people to even say yes to want to learn about improving their proposals. The issue we were having with generating leads and marketing effectively, is we weren't appropriately communicating with people based on where they were in their own buyer's journey. So, for your buyers, there are five different stages.


In the first stage, your buyers might be totally unaware that there is even a problem to be solved. If you’ve ever watched daytime TV, you're going to see things from QVC or other daytime TV ads that has somebody who's showing extreme frustration. It might be of a mom with a laundry hamper falling down the stairs. And it’ll show an extreme closeup on their face, showing that there is a problem.

So, if your market is unaware that there is a problem that need to be solved, then you need to start communicating to them in a way that shows them that there is a problem. And that there's an emotional pain point associated with not having that problem solved.

At ClientPoint, we started communicating with our marketplace by creating ads that show somebody really frustrated with their computer.

The reason we did this is because most salespeople at one point or another have wanted to smash their computer while building a proposal. So that's what we did to help our audience start to become problem aware. And, as soon as we started running these ads, we noticed our leads increasing and our cost per lead going down.

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Stage two is problem aware. You've helped somebody become aware that there is a problem that needs to be solved. Now, in order to communicate with this audience and turn them into leads, you need to let them know that you get that there is a problem there.

So, one of our best ads said, “Hey, are you in sales, and hate doing proposals? Me too. If you want to learn how to automate your proposal process and win more deals, swipe up to learn more.”

What this ad did, is it helped people think, "Oh wow, that's me. I do have that problem. I am annoyed by that." And this was of our highest performing ads in the history of ClientPoint.


The next stage your buyers need to go through is the consequence aware stage. They need to not just become aware that there's a problem, they need to be aware that there are consequences to that problem. Once somebody's problem aware, it doesn't mean that they're going to do anything to change it.

For example, if somebody's struggling with their weight, they may never make any changes to their lifestyle or their diet until they get diagnosed with something like diabetes. It takes a real consequence a lot of times for people to make a change in their lives or their business. This stage is all about helping people become aware that there are consequences and that there is something at stake by not solving this particular problem.

At ClientPoint, we're creating content to help our audience understand the true cost of not having ClientPoint. Of not having a proposal system that tracks their proposals, that builds the proposal for your salespeople, that tells your story and gets your prospects to sign.

Your sales team is losing sales. They've invested tremendous amounts of time and marketing's invested tremendous amounts of money, and they're losing those sales when they shouldn't be. We're helping the marketplace become consequence aware of the true costs of not having our product or service. And you need to do the same.

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Solution AwareThe next stage that your buyers are going through is they're becoming solution aware. These are the individuals that realize that they have a problem, that it's costing them something, and that it's time to solve it. So, these individuals are looking at multiple websites and watching multiple videos from your competitors. They're deciding which particular solution may be appropriate to solve their problem.

If you want to win those people that are in the solution awareness part of their buyer's journey, you need to communicate to them clearly, that you understand them. Not just what they're going through, not just what they want to solve, but the real reason that they want to solve that problem right now.

So, at ClientPoint, we're articulating to our audience this message.CP-New-Message

Our proposal system is so good it closes deals for you.

We’re articulating the thing that people actually want. Previously our message was this.

Modern buyers have changed. It's time to evolve.

We were being all mysterious and fantastical, and trying to have some intrigue. Well, the general marketplace doesn't really care enough about you to have some sense of intrigue. So, they were turned off by it. And what we were doing is we were communicating to our audience that we don't really know that much about what they really, really wanted. Even though deep down we do, we weren't communicating that to the people who are solution aware.

So, as soon as we shifted our message, we started showing people that, “Hey, we get who you are. We get the problem that you're trying to solve, and we know exactly why you're looking at these solutions in the first place.”


Modern ProblemsThe final stage that your buyers need to go through before making the decision to buy from your company, is they need to become aware of your product or service. And the way that you win here is you need to clearly articulate how you're different.

At ClientPoint, what we do is, we tell people that we're the most customizable proposal platform in the world. We also have the strongest analytics in the world. So, you don't have to change how you're doing business in order to work with us. In fact, we'll be the flexible company and we'll take whatever your process is right now, we'll automate it, streamline it, and make you close more deals than ever without really having to change anything.

So, that's how we become different. And when your buyers become finally aware of your particular product or service, you need to articulate what makes you exactly different. And it has to resonate with what your buyers are looking for.

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To put it more simply, if you're communicating to somebody in a certain way that they're not ready for, it's as if you're speaking a different language to them. So at ClientPoint, we were assuming people were more ready than they actually were. And it was like we were trying to speak to them in a very different language than they could understand.

Once we started changing that, we made a massive shift in our marketing. We started communicating to people throughout their buying journey. We started educating them. We got them from one buying stage to another, and we super powered the sales team to have marketing content that helps people through their buying stages. Our cost per lead went down by 70% and we tripled our lead flow.

So, if you want to get better at marketing, you need to start thinking about what are the buying stages in your business right now? Start creating content strategically and start delivering and being aware of where these people are. When you deliver the right content at the right moment, you'll be shocked at what you're able to accomplish.

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