Why Your Leads Are Just Not That Into You

February 27, 2020
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Your leads just are not that into you.

In marketing, you can get so excited that you have this brand new lead. But the sad news is, a lot of times those leads don't stay leads.


A lot of times your leads are just not that into you as a company, and even worse, a lot of times these leads, if you're not doing things right, they don't even remember you exist. How many times have you sat next to a salesperson as a marketer? And you listen to them jump on a call with a lead and have that lead not remember anything about the advertisement, about booking the call, about the company, or even the problem that they booked the call around.


Unfortunately, this happens all the time. There's a basic neuroscience reason for this and it’s that there's a forgetting curve. What this means is that within 24 hours, people forget 80% of everything that happened the day before. So, if they clicked on an ad, that may be within that 80% of the things that they just naturally forget as a byproduct of being a normal human being.

When you look at your leads in marketing, you need to make sure that you're thinking about them as a valuable asset that can quickly fade away, like dust blowing in the wind. You need to make sure that those leads stay leads. And the way that you do that is you keep engaging with them with great content, even after they become a lead.

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There's something called Ad Scent in advertising and marketing. 

Ad Scent means the advertising that somebody sees, hears, and feels, including the sales process, needs to feel similar to what it was that caught their attention in the first place. So, if your ad talks about a certain problem and a certain solution, that’s very specific, the follow-up ads need to keep reminding them of that problem.

In fact, it needs to start educating them on the consequences of not solving that problem and your sales organization needs to know that this particular lead cares about that particular problem. They need to keep focusing on the consequences of that problem and keep thinking about solving that problem with that individual person.


So again, keep in mind that your leads, they're just not that into you, especially upon first impression. Let's call an advertisement the first date. It's really hard to get the second date. It's really hard to get them to show up to your sales team. It's really hard to get them to remember you. And it's really hard to get them to close a sale with your company if you're not continuously nurturing them, even after they become a lead, after they booked that first meeting, and throughout the entire sales process.

So, as a marketer, don't just count on the sales team to make sure that they're sending out appropriate marketing materials. You need to have your own automation system nurturing that prospect all the way through the sales process. By doing that, your company will be more memorable, more relevant, and have a more realistic chance of actually closing that sale.

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