How to get more people to watch your business's youtube videos

February 10, 2015

If you want more people to watch and share your business's video, and just as importantly keep watching all the way through, you need to ensure that the videos you post are watchable and entertaining. Getting people to watch your videos all the way through is important, especially if you're placing a call to action at the end of the video.

You want your videos to be memorable and leave the audience wanting more. The most effective videos are fun and short. Just think about your own video watching experiences - what styles have appealed to you and why? YouTube's ranking algorithms give preference to videos that are engaging, so it’s better to take a fun, informative approach rather than a dull "safe" corporate style video. Show your viewers some examples of your product in use, a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing process, or an interesting story rather than just posting a sales video. People do not like being sold to. Remember that viewers can dismiss your video with the click of a mouse, and they're bombarded with sales and advertising messages all day every day, so it's definitely in your best interest to be engaging and appealing to them.

For you to attract an audience to your YouTube channel, you must learn how to optimize your setup. Since there are millions of other YouTube accounts out there, you want to make sure that yours stands out among the rest.

Here is a list of ways on how you can optimize your YouTube setup.

1. Channel setup and design. You must create a professional look for your channel to attract your audience. Include your business logo, links to your website, your social media accounts, your profile information, and keyword tags to make your account appear in the search results.

2. Video content strategy. Come up with fun and entertaining video ideas that are uniquely yours so you can reach a large audience and boost your sales. Don't copy what your competitors are doing. Be unique so you stand out among your competitors.

3. Calls to action. Put your call-to-action (CTA) on your YouTube page, within the video itself, and also in the video description text. A call-to-action is a statement that asks your audience to take some type of an action, such as to "click here to buy this product on our website" or "click here to join our email list so you review news about our new products and services", etc.

4. Annotations. Your main points need to be clear and interactive.

5. Thumbnails. Viewers use thumbnails to decide which video to watch. Generate one that will stand out among the rest. If you look at youtube video thumbnails, you will find that you almost click on the videos that have the most interesting thumbnail image. You need to use this technique to get more people to watch your video.

6. Search friendly video tags. Use relevant search term tags for your videos so that it will be easier for your videos to appear on search results.

7. Playlist. Make use of YouTube’s playlist feature to increase your viewer’s engagement.

8. Engage. Be accessible to your audience as much as possible and communicate with them often. Update your channel as often as you can and answer your viewer’s inquiries and comments.

9. Subscriptions, social, and cross promotion. Subscribe to other accounts as well so that people can notice you more. Make use of those share buttons as well, which will post a link to your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts.

10. Analyze insights. Monitor your viewership, subscriptions, and engagements for this will refine your video strategies.

Promotion is one of the best ways for you to get noticed on YouTube. People won’t realize that you exist on YouTube if you don't tell them. Your account won’t just pop up on their browsers without you doing anything. That is why promotion is necessary for you to gain more viewers.

Facebook is a big gateway for you to promote your business. Share your videos to your Facebook account so that your friends can see what you’ve just posted. They can also share your video with their own Facebook friends, who can share with their friends, and so on.

Twitter can also be a huge help if you really want to get noticed. Create a Twitter page for your business and link your YouTube account. Don’t worry if you don’t gain many followers during your first few days or weeks on Twitter. It might take some time but it is worth it.

We wish you all the best with your youtube video marketing efforts.

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