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Google My Business

What is "Google My Business” and how to use it for marketing your business for free

February 11, 2015

"Google My Business" is a free marketing service provided by Google to connect your business directly with local customers. Whether potential customers are using Google+, Google Maps, or a traditional Google search,  Google My Business is able to place your business information on all of the Google platforms and be found regardless of the device being used. Customers are given your business hours, phone numbers, driving directions and more with great convenience and ease. In addition, Google My Business allows customers to review and rate your business. They are also able to endorse content that you have shared via Google+.

The following guidelines will help you properly setup and represent your business using Google My Business. Represent your business in a manner that is consistent across every platform currently used. Utilize any current branding that you are using for your logo, pictures, colors, etc. Also verify that your business address is accurate. When choosing categories to properly describe your business, choose a minimal amount of categories. You simply need to describe the core of the business. Refrain from overwhelming consumers with too broad of a description.

When creating your Google My Business page, keep in mind this is for your local audience only -- people living in your city.

Here are instructions for how to setup your free local Google My Business Page:

  1. Go to https:/plus.google.com/app/basic/pages/create
  2. Select the business type that best suited for your business
  3. Storefront – hotel, retail store, restaurant, etc.
  4. Service Area – Cab service, food delivery, plumber, etc.
  5. Brand – cause, musical band, sports team, product, etc.
  6. Find your business – simply type in the name of your business in the space provided and click the magnifying glass
  7. If your business is there, verify that it is a match and simply review the information and edit as needed.
  8. If your business is not listed, move forward to step #4
  9. Add the following information:
  10. Business name
  11. Country/region
  12. Street address
  13. City
  14. State
  15. Telephone number
  16. Business category
  17. If you deliver service/goods directly to clients, click the box to indicate this
  18. Input information regarding the service area of your business
  19. Review the information and confirm that you are authorized to provide the information
  20. You will be given the option to have a verification code mailed to you or to continue
  21. Should you opt for the mailing, it will arrive within 1-2 weeks. Once it arrives, follow the enclosed directions.
  22. You will be directed to download the Google My Business application

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