Word of Mouth Also Mightier than Sword

January 16, 2012

Serving to confirm the idea that word of mouth can have a profound affect on clients, a cornucopia of customer service posts have shown up on the social news website, Reddit, as of late.

Screen shot apps are readily available all over the internet, making customer service chat conversations easier than ever to document and plenty of review sites, such as Yelp, Google Maps reviews or even Facebook, allow users to easily broadcast rants and rages. The way customers feel about businesses is now undeniably public. Providing customer service that is above and beyond the status quo will no doubt inspire the tech savy among your clientele to spread the news.

A stunning example of taking the customer by surprise by assuming responsibility for product quality is provided by in this letter. 3,555 unique visitors voted on this specific post and 581 users took the time to comment. This no doubt garnered the company a good deal of site traffic and new connections.

A note of caution, however: just as inspiring customer service can bring a company new-found visibility, it can also find itself cast into internet infamy. Here Comcast delivers a classic example of what NOT to do.

There is a famous quote that speaks on this subject: "Speak softly and carry an impressive customer service presence; you will go far," or something along those lines... Keep things personal, pay attention to the customer and what goes around will come around.

Source: Flickr/Frank Gruber

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