The Top 5 Free Cloud Based Business Apps

November 25, 2013

The ability to run your business so much easier arrived when the cloud applications starting becoming more mainstream. These applications combine both characteristics of a web based app and a desktop based app into one. The cloud apps store all the information on a remote server where as the desktop app had to contain all that at a single location. With all the benefits of the cloud applications, a few have made it to the top of the list because of their ease of use and the all the benefits that they provide the end user. Here are the top 5 free cloud based business apps you should be using in your company today.

MailChimp Cloud Application
Do not let the name of this cloud application diminish the fact that it is one of the top rated apps for a business. The MailChimp application is basically an e-mail marketers dream. This application does for free what many high paying cloud applications simply can not do. The application packed with many features you would think that were only for a paid subscription service. All the features are free and they are top of the line features as well. You can use the application to gather email addresses and screen them to be compliant. Once you have your e-mail subscription list you use different e-mail templates, schedule launches, and you can monitor the open and bounce rate of ever e-mail you send.

DropBox Cloud Application
The DropBox application can save your business a tremendous amount of money just in storage alone. Your company computers can only hold so much information, and purchasing external hard drives to keep that information can be cumbersome and overwhelming when your office has many different computers. DropBox is a free service that allows you to store or back up all of your important files online in one location by way of cloud storage. If you take all your current files and back them up and use Dropbox to store them, your systems will virtually be running more smoother as well.

The Google Apps Cloud Application
Google has been an innovator in many areas on the internet, and their cloud based applications are some of the best for running a business that you can find. These applications are extremely high quality and with no cost your company can benefit in more ways that one by utilizing as many of the apps as possible. From spreadsheets, online storage to word processing, the apps Google provides business users will save you incredible amounts of money. Your can use quality products like Google Calender, Google Gmail and Google Sketch Up to synchronize with other employees in your company or with your business clients.

The Evernote Cloud Application
The Evernote application is one of the best free cloud based business apps your company can utilize for many different functions at and away from work. You can take notes, record a meeting, record a seminar or capture a key note speaker at the businesses next convention. The ability to take notes and store them in one centralized location where you can access that information immediately is unmatched. Placing information into the system allows employees to simply catch up by opening the platform on their end. They do not even have to attend the meeting or seminar to see all the key pieces of information right at their fingertips.

Flickr Cloud Application
Flickr is plain and simple the best free app for images and videos you will ever find and need. As long as you are not exceeding your 300MB of images a month you can use the service for as long as you like for free. This application allows you to back up and store all your phones images in one centralized location without exceeding your phone\'s storage capacity.


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