The Top 5 Cheap Ways to Generate Blog Traffic

April 9, 2014

Generating blog traffic doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg anymore. As a matter of fact, there are ways to generate substantial traffic without spending any money at all. Getting blog traffic is all about being on the right websites that will attract that target audience you need to grow your business. These techniques do not involve a tremendous amount of time either. You could spend two or three hours a week and begin seeing a noticeable difference in the amount of traffic coming to your blog. Here are the top five cheap ways to generate blog traffic.

1. is a unique website where you can generate a large amount of blog traffic. Writing blog posts about your niche in a particular group (called a Tribe on Triberr) is how the word of mouth begins to spread among members. Interact with the other members in that tribe and the chief is likely to promote you so your posts appear on others members' streams where they can comment and share your posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Interaction is the name of the game at as members are encouraged to help others get the word out about their business.  A major key is to write great blog posts. Do not write garbage or post advertisement type blogs. For blog success, write valuable and original blog posts on your marketplace and/or industry.

The reason it is a great idea to create a free blog on is because Google loves Blogger. The website is basic it its simplest form but the power of your posts will help to increase your traffic quickly. Create two or three small blogs that direct traffic to your main blog. If your main blog is about pet training, create a Blogger page for puppy training, indoor training, and barking dogs, and then have them all direct traffic to your main blog where people can read the full length blog posts. This will help to increase your blog traffic quickly.

3. Social Networking
One of the most powerful ways to get traffic to your blog is by utilizing the power of social media. Many of the top social sites like Facebook and Twitter get millions of visitors each day, with many spending hours a day on their favorite site. As a blog owner, getting traffic from the social media sites is important, but many make the simple mistake of spreading themselves out too thinly to see any positive effect from their efforts. The most effective way to get maximum traffic is to choose one social site that you are comfortable with and interact with your followers on a daily basis. Provide unique content, suggestions, helpful hints, and advice so the people on that site come to see you as an authority in your niche market.

Ezine Articles recently underwent some changes to remove many of the spam articles that were being added to the site. The website has cleaned up its act and much of the content is highly relevant and niche specific. The website allows you to add two outgoing links to your blog that will help increase blog traffic. The approval process is much more strict, so write unique and fresh content. Once your articles/blog posts are approved, you will quickly see more traffic coming to your blog through the articles you posted on

5. Forum Posting
High ranking forums that are niche specific are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to generating highly targeted traffic to your blog. When you reply to questions or concerns that have to do with your niche, you are able to leave a link back to your blog in your signature. The more you interact on the forum(s) the more traffic you will get on your blog. Making short posts that leave the readers wanting more so they will want to click on your link to go to your blog where they can get more information.


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