The Top 3 Free and Low Cost Cloud Based CRM Services

June 19, 2014

Managing customer relationships is no longer acceptable on index cards, scraps of paper, or Post-it notes. Too many details can simply fall through the cracks making it difficult to maintain those relations. While customer relationship management systems are making it much easier to manage those relationships, many small business owners feel the process can be overwhelming. This perception of the online CRM service costing a fortune or that it is too technically challenging to work is simply not the case. Here are the top three online CRM services that are either free or low cost and are very easy to manage.

1. Insightly
One of the most powerful and affordable online CRM services is Insightly. They are currently being utilized by over 350,000 businesses in over 100 countries. The interface is simple to use and allows you to manage all your customers in one place. Designed specifically for the small business owner, Insightly allows users to quickly find details on their customers order dates, background information, and email history. The interface can easily be integrated with Google Drive, Office 365, and Gmail. The clean interface also allows you to incorporate all social media information. If you have less than 2,500 contacts the service is free.

2. Nimble
Just like their name says, Nimble is an online CRM service based on giving their users an easy way to track all contacts and potential customers. By providing the user several ways to manage customer information across several touch-points, Nimble does what other services do but so much more. Once of the most incredible features of the interface is it can automatically identify the different social media profiles of people you have added to the system. The interface will identify a user based on email or name and find all of their social media profiles with one click. Not only is this a huge time saver, it is one of the more valuable features that Nimble offers. Now you have the ability to gather so much more information automatically while you focus on growing your contact list. No more searching on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to gather important details on a customer.

3. Highrise
Similar to other services in concept, Highrise is the perfect homebase for the small business owner looking to get a powerful and simple interface for little money. The interface gathers all those tiny pieces of information and creates one large picture that makes it much easier for you to gather details at a glance. One reason many small business owners are utilizing this online CRM service is because it can help you set up reminders when to call or send clients a thank you, allows you to review all correspondence with a client, and gives you quick access to all the employees that are currently working with an organization you do business with. By being able to recall instantly the secretary to the office manager by name, you create a more personal calling experience that help the client connect with your organization better.

These low cost CRM services help to organize all your contacts and free up your valuable time. They help to portray you and your company as a professional in the industry who has things well organized in all areas of business.

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