How Joining Business Network International Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

July 24, 2014

Business Network International, known as BNI, is a world renowned organization that takes local networking for businesses to an entirely new level. The concept of the BNI organization is simple. They are a disciplined, non-competing group of businesses that focus on the power of networking on smaller localized levels. The chapters across the world gather weekly to exchange lead referrals, network, and work on building more business relationships. This process repeats itself each week and is very structured. Here are just a few reasons how joining BNI will help you grow your small business.

Getting Your Unique Business Recognized
Unlike many of the other networking organizations, BNI only allows one business type to be exclusive within each chapter. That means if you run a dry cleaning business and are accepted by your local BNI chapter, there will be no other dry cleaner allowed in that particular chapter. This means you get to network with other local business leaders in your town and get more attention to your particular business. You are no longer competing with other dry cleaners. You have center stage in that niche and get the opportunity to become a leader in your town with the power of networking and receiving new client lead referrals from all the other chapter business members. If there is a need for a dry cleaner, all the new customer business referrals will go to you--the only dry cleaner in your chapter. Once the chapter has a dry cleaner, no others will be permitted to join. This is like having an entire local sales team of small business owners who every week refer new customers to you at now cost to you.

Benefits of Joining a BNI Chapter
Besides the benefit of getting all the referrals for your niche, you are exposed to the owners of many local businesses in the chapter that could utilize your services as well. If you are the exclusive dry cleaner and the local hotel owner is also a member of the chapter, you may find that he has a need for your service for his high end clients. By getting to know the business owners within your chapter, you open the doors to gain them as loyal customers as well. Now if you were to pick up a hotel, imagine all the steady business that one connection could bring you. Being the only dry cleaner in the chapter gives you the opportunity to expand your client base across several channels.

The Power of the Referral
Any successful business owner will tell you that referrals are the most valuable asset for growing their business. There is no additional work or expense required to get this type of customer.  You are basically being handed a strong lead to a buyer who has been given the approval from one of their associates. When you are a member of your local BNI chapter, your referrals will increase substantially. Giving referrals is encouraged by chapter members, and it only takes a few a months to really strengthen your customer base. With more customers that have the potential to become loyal followers are in your customer base, you have the ability to expand much more easily. Because the application process for members is so strict, you can be assured chapter members are very careful about who they refer to their fellow BNI members.

The BNI organization as a whole is focused on building strong business relationships through a dedicated and strict meeting process each and every week. The commitment of members ensures that these relationships are extremely solid. The ethics committee also closely monitors all member interaction, ensuring that a code of quality is upheld by all members. 

For more information and to join a local chapter in your city, visit

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