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What is Alibaba.com and How Your Small Business Can Use It

July 23, 2014

If you run a small business and you have not heard of Alibaba.com yet, now might be a good time to get yourself acquainted with this company. Alibaba is a unique combination of eBay, Amazon, and PayPal, allowing global customers to shop online at one of their two powerful websites. Here are just a few of the reasons your business could benefit from getting connected with Alibaba.com today.

Dominating the Chinese Market
Alibaba.com has been dominating the Chinese market for some time now, with little word in the United States to draw attention to it. Alibaba gives small business owners the ability to get their products in front of a global audience, similar to how eBay transformed the internet landscape. The biggest reason you need to utilize the power of Alibaba is because you can not get this much exposure for such little investment anywhere. Alibaba currently has two websites, Taoboa and Tmall. Taoboa is where small business owners can sell their non-brand products, Tmall is for selling brand-name items. China has an enormous population, and to put how powerful Alibaba is, half of all the parcels delivered in China come from Alibaba.com alone.

Getting Your Sign Post Ready
One of the reasons eBay was so instrumental in allowing small business owners to compete globally with the big corporations was exposure. A small business owner could list an auction or put an item in an eBay storefront for literally pennies. That auction has the potential to be seen by millions of customers, who then could be redirected to the small business website from eBay. This allowed small businesses to get the needed exposure to catapult them to becoming a dominant force in their industry. The same is now being said of Alibaba and the incredible global audience it reaches. You create one listing on Alibaba and you have literally created a sign post that the world can see. 

The Power of Alibaba
When eBay first started, it took a decade before it really transformed the landscape by joining forces with PayPal. Amazon has taken the reigns lately and surpassed eBay in many of those areas. Alibaba has already taken charge in China, currently the largest internet company in that country. China has over twice as many internet users as the United States, who are currently spending up to 20 hours each week shopping online. With over 70% of all mobile payments generated from Alibaba, it doesn't take much to realize how powerful this company is. Your small business could literally be transformed overnight if your products find the right market. With Alibaba just now getting recognized in the United States, now is the perfect time to get on board and stake your claim to a piece of real estate on the Alibaba platform.

What Does the Future Hold
The biggest reason you want to get your small business on Alibaba.com sooner than later is they are now positioned to take over the U.S. market. The company spent over three billion dollars in acquisitions mostly in Asia last year, and now have their eyes set on the United States. Just last month they purchased a small stake in a California based company called Tango, a sign that they are poised to become the next big thing in the United States since eBay and Amazon.

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