How Small Business Owners Can Reduce Their Stress Levels

August 11, 2014

One of the most difficult things about owning and managing a small business is that your responsibilities can be overwhelming. As the owner of the business, you wear several hats that require your immediate attention throughout the day, and many times you are coming up with answers on the fly. The anticipation of trying to handle another day can simply cause incredible amounts of stress in some people. This deadly mix of hard work and increased stress can really be a problem with the production of the company and the health of the owner. Here are a few simple tips for helping you to relieve business stress so that you and the company stay healthy.

Taking a Break from Work
The allure of running your own business is often an illusion when you finally realize that the business requires so much more of your undivided attention. When you focus all your efforts on growing your small business, you often forget to dedicate some time to caring for yourself. The most important thing to understand is that you are the key to success in this business, so you need to focus on taking care of yourself when you can. This means taking a little time off from work and simply unwinding. When you are home and with family, turn off the mobile phone and stop checking your email. If a problem were to arise, you can easily handle it better tomorrow when you are completely refreshed. 

Reaching Out for Help
Part of the way that you will grow and gain experience in running a small business is by utilizing the experiences of those who have succeeded before you. When you are confronted with challenges, you can add incredible amounts of stress to your day when you think you have to develop solutions to every problem. To help relieve business stress, try and reach out to people who have succeeded in your field and see how they handled particular situations that you are confronted with today. The internet has made it simple to join discussion groups with industry leaders who are more than happy to share their experiences.  Doing this  will help you easily resolve problems and eliminate stress.

The Power of Automation
Each day technology is making it easier to run a small business. Rather than spend hours posting business information to your social media platforms, purchase a program that makes those posts throughout the day automatically for you. Utilize tracking programs that can tell you how traffic finds your website and what actions they take. This will free up all your time that you are wasting doing the research yourself. Part of the reason many small business owners are so stressed is because they feel they have to do everything themselves to get it done right. Automation will not only help to relieve your business stress, it will help you to be much more productive.

Avoiding Information Overload
Part of the reason a small business owner will feel added stress each day is because information is coming at them from every direction. No sooner do you sit at your desk, the email notifications start going off, the instant message notification is ringing, the telephone starts ringing off the hook, and your social media notifications are popping up on your mobile device every second. It can be impossible to focus on the task at hand when you are being constantly reminded that your attention is needed in four other places. The best way to relieve business stress when it comes to information overload is to simply unplug. Turn off those email notifications and check the email manually  twice a day at a specific time each day. Only open up your instant message program when you absolutely need to contact someone. Turn off those social media notifications on your phone and check them at designated times during the day.

Running your small business successfully is all about managing your day and limiting things that can add stress to your life. Follow the tips mentioned in this blog post and you will very quickly see your stress being reduced and your productivity increased.

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